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There are names that, when they sound like reinforcements of Bocadue to their specific weight alone they already generate a shock just by listening to them. They are -generally- players who would be capable of breaking the market. And that description can be applied even to those who are closer to retirement than starting an important cycle at the club.

Because no fan is unfamiliar with welcoming a world football star, even if he is far from his splendor. In this case, The name that sounded in the Xeneize this Tuesday is that of Javier Pastore. And this appearance on the scene of the former National Team player is – in part – justified.

Because the possibility arose from an offer they approached Boca. A real offer for the former PSG (whose last team was Qatar FC) to don the blue and gold before finishing his football career. The name surprised, it’s clear. But – although there could be reasons to consider it – it was not contemplated by the Football Council.

Why Boca needs it

The thing is Diego Martinez He does want one more alternative for his team for the “point hitter” position., based on your own qualification of the role. There, he is currently playing Ezekiel Bullaude and the alternatives do not come from forwards who can drop a few meters (¿Cavani?) to fit the function.

Javier Pastore 23-1-2024

Pastore returned to goal after four years

Con Vicente Taborda y Aaron Molinas each one with one foot outside the squad and Cristian Medina (another variant that has played as a hitch) still in the Under 23 National Team, Up to now, everyone has heard from Ever Banega and Emiliano Vecchio to Ruben Botta: everyone now has a new club. And now the target is the Chilean Carlos Palacios.

Javier Pastore 23-1-2024

Pastore’s presentation in Elche

Javier Pastore, in his time as a player for the Argentine National Team.Javier Pastore, in his time as a player for the Argentine National Team.

Why not Pastore?

Howeverthe close antecedent of the situations of Banega himself and Arturo Vidal do not help us to be optimistic about Pastore’s chance, since one of the reasons why those mentioned did not prosper had to do with the moment of their careers and what Martínez wants for his midfielders: a lot of mobility and dynamics, complex qualities for footballers over 35 years old, an age that the former Huracán will turn next June. Inactivity is also a reason to dismiss his arrival: the midfielder played his last game on May 9.

OLEIMA20140424_0113 Pastore, with a good present, will he have his chance in the National Team?OLEIMA20140424_0113 Pastore, with a good present, will he have his chance in the National Team?

Pastore will not, then, be Boca’s reinforcement. But Boca is not resigned to getting that player to complete the squad. Could it be Palacios, the man from Colo Colo? Or is there room for some other surprise?

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