Pascoal threatens Olivia and causes tragedy

In the next chapters of Fuzuê, Pacoal (Juliano Cazarré) will cause an abortion in Olívia (Jéssica Córes). Threatened by the villain, the model feels ill in front of Miguel (Nicolas Prattes) who helps her, but is unable to prevent the loss of the baby.

Everything happens right after Rui (Pedro Carvalho) steal Nero’s sun and moon keys (Edson Celulari), and try to negotiate them with Preciosa (Marina Ruy Barbosa).

The redhead will then ask her partner for help to get the pieces from the Golden Lady’s treasure. Easter threat Olivia in front of the Portuguese agent, forcing the scoundrel to give in to pressure.

Hours later, the model becomes very ill, right in front of Migueland it becomes helped by lawyer. Unable to contain the bleeding, Luna’s rival (Giovana Cordeiro) ends up losing the baby. Know more!

In Fuzuê, Olívia apologizes to Miguel after loss

Fuzuê: Pascoal threatens Olivia and causes tragedy

The next chapters of Fuzuê, Olivia feels unwell, has heavy bleeding and ends up losing the baby. Certain that the child was his, Miguel will feel guilty for having been negligent regarding the model’s pregnancy.

Pascoal is the one who causes the lawyer’s ex-fiancee to have an abortion. Responding to Preciosa’s order, the villain will go to Rui to demand the sun and moon keys that are in the trickster’s possession.

+ Fuzuê: Nero discovers where Bebel was taken and tries to save her

Nero hesitates, leaving the pieces on his office desk. The Portuguese agent recognizes it, hands it over and convinces Olivia to negotiate them with Bebel’s daughter (Lilia Cabral).

In this, Pascoal threatens Rui and the model until he gets what he wants. After he leaves, Luna’s rival starts to feel bad. Miguel still tries to help her, but it will be too late.

+ Fuzuê: Pascoal brings darkness to the Count of Montebello

With heavy bleeding, Olivia ends up suffering a miscarriage. The news causes a lot of sadness to Alicia’s brother (Fernanda Rodrigues), who blames himself for not paying more attention to his son’s mother, as the baby, in fact, belonged to the Portuguese agent.

The scene is scheduled to air in the episode on November 3rd.

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