Participants Scoring in Drenthe set goals with Jari Vlak

A week after the visitors This time, from head coach Fred Grim, FC Emmen captain Jari Vlak visited the participants of Scoring in Drenthe. This time it was not to reach out, but to discuss each other’s personal goals and experiences.

The participants of Scoring in Drenthe had jointly drawn up questions in advance for the shared top scorer of FC Emmen. The questions were about his career, choices made, experiences, difficult periods and his future goals. This gave the young adults a good idea of ​​what he has been through, that not everything comes easy and you have to keep working to achieve your goals.

After the question round, the midfielder was curious about the goals of the participants themselves. He also gave a number of useful tips based on his own findings from professional football and his private life.

About Scoring in Drenthe
Scoring in Drenthe is a six-month project for young people at a distance from the labor market. These young people are guided towards a job or training through individual career guidance and coaching. In addition, the participants follow football training twice a week. Scoring in Drenthe, a project from the Youth Unemployment Approach and was made possible by the Drenthe Labor Market Region, USG Restart, FC Emmen Naoberschap Foundation, MDT and the Province of Drenthe.

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