“Parallel destinies for Rome and Naples. Garcia? The team was boiled”

“Do I sack Mourinho? I agree with the choice, even though I was a big fan of his.”


A Radio Napoli Centraleduring ‘Un Calcio alla Radio’, intervened Luca Telesejournalist: “Mourinho sacked? I agree with the choice, even though I was a big fan of him. Roma can finish fourth or fall, but it’s difficult to get worse than that.

Garcia? The team was boiled. Roma and Napoli have parallel destinies this year. Rudy didn’t make a disaster, it was simply Napoli boiled by success. A boiled team after the championship that needed to be cut and transplanted. Did Mazzarri do worse? Napoli fans are convinced that there is still a Ferrari underneath, there isn’t, the day of the Scudetto is over. The teams have an alchemy and that team has produced a lot, but it is unique. Spalletti is a genius, he pushed everything over the limit and escaped. Ranieri? How he is right. On the ninth day we were last. Gigi Riva-style bomber jacket? They aren’t born anymore. Football is a social sport and the result of historical conditions, so it is much more difficult now“.

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