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The Israeli bombing that targeted a house in Gaza killed Gaza Yesterday, Tuesday, October 31, 2023, on the life of Palestinian artist Enas Al-Saqqa and her three children, Lynn, Sarah, and Ibrahim.

As for her daughters, Farah and Rita, they are in intensive care at Al-Shifa Hospital after sustaining serious injuries.

Islam, the nephew of the late artist, revealed – through his personal account on “X” (formerly Twitter) – that Enas and her family initially took shelter in the Orthodox Cultural Center, but they were forced to leave it to the house of one of their acquaintances after he was threatened, so the Israeli bombing targeted them and demolished the house. On the heads of those in it.

The Palestinian Ministry of Culture mourned Al-Saqqa and her children in a statement in which it said, “The artist Enas Al-Saqqa and her two daughters, Lynn and Sarah, were martyred as a result of the continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip. She had previously carried out many drama and theater workshops with children, and participated in many community interactive activities.”

The late artist wrote her last words on her personal Facebook account on August 27, saying, “Sometimes you turn around to take a look at your past… and discover that you emerged alive from a massacre.”

Theatrical artist Enas Al-Saqqa has previously presented many drama and theater workshops with children, and she has participated in community interactive activities such as training in communication and leadership skills. She became a professional in art despite studying interior design, in addition to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in social service from Al-Quds University.

Al-Saqqa is considered one of the first artists to work in theater in Gaza. She participated in theater workshops at “Ishtar” in Jerusalem and at the Swedish Academy. She also presented many works such as “The Bear” and “There Is Something That Is Becoming.”

It also presented the Palestinian film “Bird of the Homeland,” which was produced in Gaza and directed by Mustafa Al-Nabih, and tells the details of the struggle experience of the Palestinian people since The Nakba In the year 1948 and the occupation West Bank And the Gaza Strip in 1967. The hero of the film, the child Mahmoud Al-Sheikh (14 years old), embodies the story of a Palestinian boy named Youssef who lost his parents in the 1967 war, then he immigrated with his sister “Ruqayyah” with the rest of the family consisting of grandfather, grandmother, and uncles, and they took refuge in the house of their chosen uncle in one of the villages of the Strip. Gaza.

The events of the film begin when Youssef meets a group of resistance fighters, one of whom tried to give him a bird, but the bird fled, flying into the sky. Then the child imagined that the bird had only escaped from his hands because it carried the spirit of his parents who were martyred at the hands of the occupation soldiers during the war, so he then set out to search for ways to take revenge. .

A scene from the movie “The Bird of the Homeland” (Al Jazeera)

During Youssef’s search for the killers of his parents, he is intercepted by an Israeli army camp and decides to reach it, but as soon as he tries to approach, the soldiers attack him and arrest him after they beat him, accusing him of helping the resistance fighters.

Enas Al-Saqqa participated in the “Bird of Paradise” tournament, including Saad Al-Din Makhraban, Camellia Abu Samak, Amal Al-Shennawi, Saleh Al-Sahloub, Muhammad Al-Rifi, and Zuhair Al-Belbisi.

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza, the Israeli occupation has been targeting Palestinian journalists and media professionals. The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate announced yesterday evening, Tuesday, that the number of media professionals killed as a result of the war launched by Israel on Gaza since last October 7 has risen to 38.

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