Op1 star Jort Kelder attacks Frans Timmermans: ‘Very stupid plan’

Jort Kelder opens the attack on Frans Timmermans. The presenter of Op1 accuses the leader of PvdA-GroenLinks of making very stupid plans. “This is just demolition!”


Talitha Muusse once had to pay for her outspoken opinions with her job at Op1, but colleague Jort Kelder can freely express his opinion. This time he gets into it FD with a list of ’10 stupid plans that do not deserve your vote’. And Frans Timmermans is also accused of ‘stupidities’ that do not ‘deserve a red tick’.

Demolition party

According to Jort, Frans’ plans really go way too far. “Is it spite or poor math skills? Anyone like GL-PvdA who wants to take up to 5% of business assets every year is destroying the foundation of our welfare state: profitable companies,” he says in his argument.

He also thinks that the party is going too far when it comes to rent regulation. “Build and strengthen the social rental sector if necessary, but save commercial rent, the lubricant of the housing market, rigid rules that only help the living class.”

Bank holiday

He also thinks the plans to make Ketikoti a day off are disastrous. “Can the left demand a national holiday for a past in which three-quarters of the people feel nothing? Woke arbitrariness, because why not exchange Pentecost or one of the five other Christian holidays for Eid-al-Fitr?”

And private jets? They just have to be able to keep flying, Jort decides. “They produce only 3% of aviation emissions and will be the first to decarbonize.”

The post first appeared on www.mediacourant.nl

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