One play is not enough, Jovic still failed. Gazzetta: “He’s not up to par with Milan”

The first to hug Camarda – last night at San Siro – was himself Luka Jovic at the moment of the substitution: it was he who gave way to him, under the eyes of Giroud in the stands, and it couldn’t have been otherwise. The Serbian – he underlines though La Gazzetta dello Sport – he wasted another chance: Pioli expected answers, the pitch issued the usual sentence, this Jovic is not up to Milan. The nice deep ball wasn’t enough for Theo in the penalty action that decided the match: the balance tilted towards the wasted goal ball in the 75th minute, a shot on Terracciano with the goal wide open.

Another child of the nursery
Camarda, on the other hand, has begun to write his story as a devil with a record, but it’s only just beginning. “He has talent, he must enjoy it but know that he has to work harder than others to get to the top.” Davide Calabria said it, another son of the AC Milan youth team who made it.

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