One of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2024 would have already come true

The 16th century prophet wrote a book that includes a long list of prophecies. Among many, there are some destined for this new year. Which are?


It started on 2024 and one of the predictions of the French astrologer would have already been fulfilled Michael of Notre-Damealso know as Nostradamus. “The dry land will become more dry and there will be great floods when it is seen”, the prophet had written. Where was the fulfillment prophecy?

The prophet of century XVI He is mainly known for his work “The Prophecies”a book containing a long list of predictions about future events. These quatrains, written in a cryptic and symbolic style, were the subject of interpretation and debate throughout the centuries.


Some people believe that the prophecies of Nostradamus they anticipated important historical eventsas the French Revolutionlas world wars and even the attack on the twin towers September 11, 2001. And the 2023 was no exception, since – according to multiple deductions – the famous fortune teller started the year on the right foot and managed to get some key events right, such as the death of the Pope Benedict XVI.

Nostradamus predictions: what prophecy would have been fulfilled

The prophet had warned that “The dry land will become more dry and there will be great floods when it is seen.”. The prediction quickly became related to the magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred on Monday in Japanaccording to him United States Geological Survey (USGS). Meanwhile, the Japanese authorities assured that the earthquake had a magnitude of 7.6.

The event recorded in the prefecture of Ishikawaon the main island of Honshucaused the death of more than 70 peoplethe destruction of thousands of buildingshe blocking the roads and unleashed a devastating fire and one tsunami alertcon waves of more than one meter.

japan earthquake.jpg


What did Nostradamus predict for 2024?


Combat and naval battle. (…) The red adversary will turn pale with fear, putting the great ocean in fear.” In several quatrains, Nostradamus spoke about the possibility of conflicts on a global scale. Are mentioned tensions between nations that could reach their peak this year. Are we on the threshold of significant geopolitical events that will change the course of history?

Artificial intelligence

Nostradamus focused not only on the threats, but also on the transformative potential of the technology. It is suggested that the year 2024 could witness revolutionary advances that will change the way we live and relate. Experts analyze that from artificial intelligence to advanced medicine, are we on the verge of a new technological era?

The end of Charles III?

In his enigmatic writings, Nostradamus hinted significant changes in the British monarchy. One person would have a “big divorce,” while a so-called “King of the Isles” will be forcibly removed from his throne. This would refer to Charles III and his wifewho would be faced with great controversy, whether through family events, unexpected decisions or even internal disputes.

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