Onana and Maguire saved Manchester United against Copenhagen

Manchester United flirted with ‘catastrophe’ at the Teatro de los Sueñosbut in the end he achieved an indispensable 1-0 victory against Copenhagen That allows him get out of last place in your group UEFA Champions League and dream of the round of 16.

In the day of tribute to the recently deceased Bobby Charlton two unexpected heroes appeared. Harry Maguirewho was in the eye of the storm in recent times due to low yields, He scored the winning goal for those led by Erik ten Hag.

At different times in the first part, Old Trafford echoed with the murmurs that were generated due to the few ideas and offensive power that the English team exhibited.

In the second half, United’s football did not improvebut it was enough for him to take the lead against Copenhagen, who in any case showed confidence in making history at the Theater of Dreams just like Galatasaray, winner in Manchester the previous day.

Maguirein the 72nd minute and with a header, scored the goal so that United achieves its first victory in the Champions League.

When it seemed that everything was ending calmly at Old Trafford, Scott McTominay made the worst mistake of the day for those led by the Dutchman. In time, he committed a penalty that gave the Danish team an unbeatable opportunity to tie, but The tribute to Bobby Charlton had its most exciting chapter.

André Onana He shone with a great cover against Jordan Larsson, son of former United Henrik, to maintain the undefeated fence in favor of the local and thus crown the first three units. In addition to avoid the hard situation of being last in Group A.

After two straight defeats against Bayern Munich and Galatasaray, The English team managed to get even with their first victory in international competition. The tribute to Bobby Charlton was complete.

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