On the Day of the Dead the Pegol and the Campanù will play together

In the year of Italian Capital of Culture there will also be an unprecedented bell ringing concert at the same time in the two cities, with the bells of People’s Tower («del Pegol») in Brescia and of Civic Tower (Ol Campanù) of Bergamo who will play the same melodies on the occasion of the commemoration of the deceased next Thursday, 2 November, at 12. The initiative was initially promoted by the Bergamo Bell Ringers Federation in collaboration with the Civiltà Bresciana Foundation, then the Bergamo area joined Civic Tower.

Some technical data: both complexes offer concerts of bells not arranged in a ladder, according to the older system, and in both cases adapted for automatic sound. The bells of Bergamo present a swing jamming, typical of the bells of the 16th and 17th centuries, prior to the advent of the typically eighteenth-century Ambrosian system which the vast majority of Lombard bell towers share. The Torre del Pegol in Brescia offers the listening of three ancient bells currently jammed according to the Ambrosian system and manually controllable by string sound.

The other initiatives

Meanwhile, tomorrow November 1st, the traditional one will be held All Saints’ Fair along the southern carriageway of via Milano, in the stretch between via Industriale and viale Italia, and on the east side of via Industriale, in the stretch between via Morosini and via Milano. It will be set up about eighty stalls for the sale of food products, sweets, toys, clothing, footwear, linen and home accessories, crafts, costume jewellery, perfumery articles.

Also tomorrow, at 10 am, in the Cathedral, the will be celebrated pontifical mass presided over by bishop Pierantonio Tremolada. The following day, Thursday, the day of commemoration of the deceased, the mass in the Cathedral with the bishop will be at 6.30 pm, while at 3 pm Monsignor Tremolada will preside over the celebration in the Vantiniano cemetery.

Timetables and transport

All city cemeteries will be open continuously

In the meantime, thecontinuous hours in all city cemeteries: they will be open from 8.30am to 5.30pm until Thursday 2 November included. At the Vantiniano religious services will be celebrated tomorrow at 3.30 pm and on Thursday, as well as at 3 pm, at 10 am. Also from yesterday to Thursday, from 8.30 am to 5 pm, the free service of bus within the Vantini area (vehicle access is permitted only to authorized vehicles).

Finally, tomorrow the usual free shuttle bus service will be activated by Brescia Mobilità for all those who go to Vantiniano: it will be available from 8.30 to 17 and will connect the car park in Piazzale Beccaria (located in via Volturno near the Iveco) with the cemetery in via Milano with runs every 10-12 minutes. It will therefore be possible to park your car in the square and easily reach the monumental cemetery using the free transport service.