Omtzigt wants to offer social security in the party program, Denk wants to stop ‘monster’ institutional racism

Denk focuses on the current government apparatus in his election manifesto

Denk will reach voters next month with a message in which the party keeps the current government apparatus firmly in its sights. In the election manifesto, that NRC could see, the party hopes to convince voters with ten “thinkers”. From combating racism and equal opportunities to restoring confidence in the government. In addition, the party says it wants to commit itself to young people, affordable healthcare, and increasing purchasing power.

The fight against institutional racism in the Netherlands in particular is given a prominent place in the party programme. The party wants to stop that “monster”, as party leader Stephan van Baarle describes it. Denk, for example, wants broad attention to the colonial past of the Netherlands. But the party believes that the structural problems within the Dutch police, in particular racism and discrimination, must also be addressed. For example, Denk wants to deploy 10,000 agents who specialize in combating discrimination.

Like many other parties, Denk wants to regain confidence in the government. The benefits scandal is prominently featured in the election manifesto. “The government has come to view citizens as customers who are treated with distrust.” Denk therefore wants to bring back the “human scale”. For example, it wants heavier penalties for professional discrimination within the Dutch civil service: four months in prison and fines of up to 17,400 euros. In his own words, Denk opts for a “government that does not trample on people and that is not an enemy of the people, but a friend.”

‘Origin and income determine role’
Denk also wants to invest in “good education” with equal opportunities as a spearhead. According to the party, origin and income still play a determining role in the chances of success in education. In addition to the decolonization of teaching content in education, the party also plans to tackle the teacher shortage. Parents, according to the election manifesto, must also be able to “decide for themselves whether and what sex education is provided at school.” The party also wants to get rid of the “rainbow coercion” that is “forced upon” the Dutch.

Denk also wants to “restore the balance in the labor market” and “invest heavily” in the social minimum. The permanent contract must become the norm, but people who consciously choose a self-employed career must also be “offered collective security.” The party also wants to tackle the housing shortage, free childcare and a one-state solution under the Palestinian flag for Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Like many other parties, Denk wants to regain trust in the government. Photo Ramon from Flymen/ANP

Omtzigt wants to provide social security and reduce migration with the party program

“The government must focus on making essential basic services affordable and accessible.” This is what party leader Pieter Omtzigt of New Social Contract (NSC) said on Tuesday at the long-awaited presentation of his party program. Time for recovery. The House of Representatives elections will take place on November 22.

“Our analysis is that the government of the Netherlands has not functioned,” Omtzigt opened his presentation. According to him, this was not only about the Allowance Affair and gas extraction in Groningen, but also about matters in education, public housing and social security.

It was already known that the latter theme would occupy a prominent position in the NSC party programme. Food, energy and housing must be available to all citizens. To achieve this, Omtzigt wants to increase VAT on hotels and holiday parks, further restrict rent increases and make the construction of new homes faster and easier.

Reduce migration
A prominent theme in the program is migration. NSC wants a maximum of 50,000 migrants to come to the Netherlands every year. This not only concerns asylum seekers, but also, for example, labor migrants and foreign students. Omtzigt wants to achieve this, among other things, by limiting tax benefits for migrant workers, by providing less university education in English and by making the basic grant available to fewer international students. Asylum migration must also be reduced with a permit system and a more flexible return policy.

Last year, more than 220,000 migrants came to the Netherlands, including 108,000 people from Ukraine. In addition served more than 35,000 people submit a first asylum application.

Omtzigt said he wants the current nitrogen law “off the table”, but does want to focus on reducing nitrogen emissions. NSC believes that the focus should not only be on nitrogen reduction, but on “the total state of nature”. The party leader emphasized that “at least two new nuclear power stations” must be built. Omtzigt called installing wind farms on land and solar panels on fertile agricultural land a waste of the limited space the Netherlands has.

NSC also wants a constitutional court, a regional electoral system and a legal lobby register to be introduced in the Netherlands. Whistleblowers should also be better protected and Omtzigt is in favor of a ban on online gambling.

Omtzigt emphasized that his plans cannot be implemented in one cabinet period. “We cannot repair what was broken in ten, fifteen, twenty years in four years,” said the NSC leader. However, he emphasized that he wanted to make a start on this with his program. The program arrives just in time to be included in the voting guides, the first of which will be available on Wednesday.

Pieter Omtzigt and Eddy van Hijum during the presentation of the election program of the New Social Contract (NSC) in the Nieuwspoort press center in The Hague. Photo Bart Maat

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