Omar Pedrini, who are his children: private life

Omar Pedrini has three children whom he adores and with whom he has a wonderful bond. Let’s find out what you need to know about them.

Omar Pedrini has a truly special relationship with his three children: Pablo, Emma Daria and Leone. Let’s find out what there is to know about the singer’s three children and their private life, passing through some curiosities and their relationship with their famous father.

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Omari Pedrini, his children: who they are

Omar Pedrini has a special bond with his three children, and has often spoken publicly about them. The artist’s first child is called Pabloand was born on September 17, 1993 (under the zodiac sign of Virgo) from the relationship between the singer-songwriter and a woman whose name is not known.

Following Omar Pedrini he had two more children, Emma Daria and Leone Paolo (born respectively in 2013 and 6 February 2021, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius) from his relationship with the Paduan lawyer Veronica Scalia. The singer’s younger children live with him and Made, but not much information is known about them.

It is not known exactly what work he does Pablo Pedrini or what his path was Education. The singer’s son has always led his life away from the spotlight.

Omar Pedrini, his children: curiosities

Virtually nothing is known about the singer’s children, and he himself has never revealed details or background information regarding their private life. His two youngest children live with him and his wife, and on social media he and his eldest son, Pablo, have often shown themselves together. Regarding the important bond with his eldest son, Omar Pedrini told Il Fatto Quotidiao: “The luck was my son Pablo, who I had at the age of 24 with his longtime high school girlfriend; in the midst of the rocking frenzy, his presence saved me from any addiction. I knew I had to go back to him, I was aware that I owed him a lot, so I took drugs with a modicum of clarity.”

In announcing the birth of his third son, Leone Paolo, the singer wrote in a post on social media: “A little lion from Brescia (already in a blue and white outfit) arrived on the same day as Bob Marley. May it be a sign of peace, equality, freedom and good music. Mother Veronica was very good and she is fine. Forgive me for the messed up world you will find, but we will roll up our sleeves even more… With much love dad”.

Omar Pedrini, his children: curiosities

– He decided to name his first son Pablo in honor of the poet Pablo Neruda.

– Omar Pedrini’s eldest son can play the guitar.

– Pablo Pedrini gave a double interview with his father to Le Iene and revealed that one of the most embarrassing moments of his life occurred when, during an event, his father “pushed” a group of beautiful women towards him models.

– Omar Pedrini’s daughter is called Emma Daria in honor of the singer’s mother.

– Pablo Pedrini on Instagram shares details and background stories related to his private life and everyday life.

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