Omar Pedrini: the “Goodbye Rock’n’roll” starts tonight from Florence

Omar Pedrini: the “Goodbye Rock’n’roll” starts tonight from Florence – Prima Brescia

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One last tour to say goodbye to all his fans, then a new life


Omar Pedrini: tonight the “Goodbye Rock’n’roll” starts from Florence.

Omar Pedrini and the “Goodbye Rock’n’roll”

An important tour with which he definitively says goodbye to concerts as a rocker. Tonight he will perform at the Viper. Followed by Friday 3 November 2023 at Druso in Bergamo and Thursday 23 November 2023 at Isola della Scala (Verona). Pedrini’s feat on stage is to bring nineteen albums, including those with Timoria and those as a soloist.

A new life on the horizon

As he told Corriere della Sera, the choice to say goodbye to life as a rocker was dictated by health problems: he has in fact recently undergone three heart surgeries and another reconstruction in the last two and a half years and life on stage it is no longer healthy for his body. He said he had special permission for this last tour in which he will greet his fans. Subsequently he will change his life: his future will be among the olive trees in Tuscany, among the earth.

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