Olcay Gulsen makes for painful TV, degrades painting: ‘Not beautiful!’

Olcay Gulsen makes for painful television by completely criticizing one of her portraits in Sterren op het Doek. While the artist watches… “I don’t like this.”


Celebrities who participate in Stars on the Canvas always have to choose between three portraits of themselves at the end of the episode. While they comment, the artists involved watch from another room. As a star, it is important to react a bit tactically, so as not to break artists’ hearts.

Graffiti Gulsen

When Olcay Gulsen is confronted with a graffiti artwork of herself, she does not exactly hold back, as can be seen in the episode of last weekend. If the curtain has not yet been turned, she gives a compliment: “Yes, I think it is a very nice format.”

That is the last compliment that Olcay hands out. When presenter Özcan Akyol turns the curtain, she stoically remarks: “I see a lot… of myself.”

‘Not that pretty’

Özcan sees no enthusiasm in Olcay’s face and asks: “And what do you think?”

Olcay is unrelenting: “Yes, I don’t think it’s very nice.”

Then the camera focuses on the artist’s face. He starts laughing awkwardly. Olcay continues: “No, but that’s just because it’s not really my style or something. Yes, it has a bit of an absurdist quality to it that I don’t really like.”

Özcan: “Yes, it is a daring canvas.”

‘Not you!’

When the artists come to stand next to their canvas, Olcay is the first to reject this canvas. “I saw you the first time and I thought: you are so full of energy and frivolity. I thought: you are going to make something very colorful, but actually I wanted to say: don’t make something colorful, because I’m not really into colorful things.”

She continues: “Unfortunately, not your work, while I think you are a super nice, fantastic woman and you really appeal to me, but the work just doesn’t suit me.”


Olcay has no qualms about rejecting the artist. “I hope I don’t offend you with it, because it says nothing about your talent or who you are.”

The artist in question: “It didn’t hurt me, no.”

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