Oil prices rise after attack on US base in Jordan

Benchmark oil prices rose after fatal drone attacks on US troops in Jordan, Report informs via Interfax.

The price of March futures for Brent on the London ICE Futures exchange amounted to $83.97 per barrel, which is $0.42 (0.5%) higher than the closing price of the previous session.

Quotes of WTI oil futures for March in e-trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) increased by $0.36 (0.46%), reaching $78.37 per barrel.

The Brent price rose by 6.4% last week, marking a record leap since mid-October, and WTI jumped by 6.5%, the maximum since the beginning of September.

After the US military base was attacked, US President Joe Biden said Iran-backed militias were responsible for the attack.

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