Occupational Safety Technician Day

O Occupational Safety Technician has the function of ensuring safety at work and protect the physical and mental health of workers during work activities. In other words, implementing practices that minimize the risks of work accidents and occupational diseases.

But after all, what is the relationship between Occupational Safety Technician Day and traffic?

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Simple, many workers face challenges during their daily commute to the workplace. It is in this sense that occupational safety technicians can be expanded.

With thousands of accidents occurring daily, occupational safety technicians can promote awareness about the importance of complying with traffic regulations. As? Encouraging the use of safety equipment such as seat belts and helmets, for example.

Furthermore, occupational safety technicians can contribute to the implementation of road safety policies.

Work safety and traffic

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Following the laws established by the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) can guarantee traffic safety for both vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

According to the website CIPA, from the USP Physics Institute, a person weighing 60 kg, sitting in the back seat of a vehicle and not wearing a seat belt, can be thrown against the front seat with a force equivalent to almost a ton. All this tragedy with the vehicle traveling at just 60 km/h.

Likewise, if a 5-year-old child, weighing 20 kg, in the same situation, could cause an impact of 300 kg on the back of the driver or passenger, for example.

Traffic rules

According to the website CIPAfrom the USP Physics Institute, to avoid accidents, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists must follow traffic rules.

Rules for drivers:

  • Comply with traffic regulations
  • Do not stop or park in unauthorized places
  • Do not exceed the speed limit in parking spaces (20km/h)
  • Use the horn only when necessary
  • Be careful when moving the vehicle in reverse gear
  • Keep the vehicle tightly closed and do not allow valuables to be exposed
  • Do not drink before driving a vehicle
  • Don’t think that you can dominate your sleep, as it can cause accidents, so when you feel sleepy, stop, get some sleep and then continue your journey.
  • Always use protective equipment when riding a motorcycle
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Rules for pedestrians:

  • Always be alert when walking on vehicle traffic lanes
  • Do not rush when crossing the streets
  • Always try to walk on the sidewalk
  • Avoid using cycle paths

Rules for cyclists:

  • Always use safety equipment
  • Do not run when traveling on pedestrian streets
  • Always use cycle paths
  • Do not travel on expressways

It is worth mentioning that traffic safety is everyone’s duty and responsibility, regardless of whether you are a pedestrian or a vehicle driver. If we care more about our safety and the integrity of others, we can create better and more peaceful traffic.

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