Occupational Safety Technician Day: Achievements and recognition

Published in 27/11/2023 16:23

This November 27th, we celebrate Occupational Safety Technician Day and congratulate all important professionals, an occasion that now carries an even deeper meaning due to the recent achievements in corrections to the Collective Agreement, which highlight the crucial importance of these professionals for the working environment.

The actions of unions affiliated to FINDECT together with the support of security technicians hired to investigate working conditions were essential in the struggle and labor achievements. After the formalization of the Collective Agreement, Correios proposed an additive term, marking a continuous commitment to improving work conditions. A highlight was the review of clause 34, reinforcing the commitment to regulatory standards. This transformation would not have been possible without the active pressure of FINDECT, which played a vital role in the negotiations, tirelessly defending workers’ interests.

Over 50 days of intense discussions, the clause was meticulously adjusted, eliminating the financial condition that previously limited the implementation of improvements. This not only represents a victory for workers, but also highlights Correios’ commitment to ensuring safe working environments that comply with regulatory standards, a victory that benefits everyone.

Tribute to Occupational Safety Technicians

In this context, we want to express our deep gratitude to the Occupational Safety Technicians at the Postal Service and the Unions, whose tireless dedication to investigating working conditions was fundamental to improving working conditions. It is these professionals who, with their expertise and commitment, play a crucial role in promoting safe and healthy work environments.

Strengthening the collective through unionization

As we celebrate these achievements, it is imperative to highlight the importance of unionization. Each unionized worker contributes to strengthening the collective voice that drives continuous improvements in working conditions. Congratulations to everyone involved in this journey towards a safer, fairer working environment in compliance with regulatory standards, with special thanks to the Occupational Safety Technicians for their vital role in this process.

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