Now the Democratic Party wants Edi Rama out of the European socialists. Provenzano: “Let’s pose a political theme”

The Dems straighten out the situation: “We have not made a formal request for expulsion.” This will be discussed at the congress of European socialist families on Friday and Saturday in Malaga

The eyes of the Democratic Party are not only focused on the demonstration on Saturday 11 November, in Piazza del Popolo in Rome. Why the Democratic Party is ready to make a foreign policy move: ask for the expulsion of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama from the European Socialists. I am guilty of having signed an agreement with the Italian government in recent days for the reception of migrants who land in Italy on Albanian soil. An agreement which according to the dem foreign affairs manager Giuseppe Provenzano “violates the values ​​of the socialist family”, as he told Repubblica. Except then specify that “we did not make a formal request for expulsion, but raised a political issue. The Democratic Party is not the bouncer of the PSE”

Moreover, the secretary Elly Schlein immediately said she was against the provisions of the memorandum between Italy and Albania. “International agreements pass through Parliament and for us it is unacceptable that this does not pass through Parliament. They don’t do it because they do damage that violates article 10 of the Constitution, for which asylum is requested on the territory of the Republic“, he had said. Thus the intention is to open at the congress of European socialists, which will take place on Friday and Saturday in Malaga (Schlein will be present together with all the other leaders including Olaf Scholz and Pedro Sanchez), a discussion on the opportunity to keep Rama in the political family, he who is active in the Socialist Party of Albania.

What in the West you see as an enlightened and Western prime minister, here in Albania behaves like a small Balkan despot“, he had told Il Foglio the Albanian opposition parliamentarian Agron Shehaj regarding Prime Minister Rama. Warning Italy against relying completely on him for the migration issue.

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