Novara-LR Vicenza 2-2: live broadcast and final result

Serie C

At Piola, Lane closed the first half down by a goal, then managed to come back with Ferrari and Costa but in the last action they were mocked by Scappini. Lineups, scoreboard, real-time news.

Novara-LR Vicenza 2-2, the scoreboard

NOVARA (4-3-2-1): Desjardins; Boccia, Bonaccorsi, Bertoncini, Urso; Calcagni, Ranieri, Di Munno; Donadio, D’Orazio (21′ st Speranza, 40′ st Bagatti); Corti (33′ st Scappini). Coach Gattuso
Available: Boscolo Palo, Menegaldo, Prinelli, Scaringi, Gerbino, Martinazzo, Migliardi, Bagatti

LR VICENZA (3-5-2): Confente; De Col (44′ st Ierardi), Golemic, Laezza (31′ st Sandon); Talarico (20′ st Rolfini), Ronaldo (31′ st Costa), Jimenez, Proia (20′ st Tronchin), Greco; Della Morte, Ferrari. All. Diana
Available: Massolo, Siviero, Costa, De Maio, Fantoni, Lattanzio, Sandon, Valietti, Cavion

REFEREE: Mattia Ubaldi of Rome 1 (Collu, D’Ascanio; fourth official Ceriello)

RARELY: 31′ pt Corti (N); 35′ st Ferrari (V), 49′ st Costa (V), 52′ st Scappini (N)

NOTE: ammonites Urso (N), Golemic (V), Ierardi (V), Talarico (V), Migliari (N). Recovery time: 3′ time, 5′ time. Spectators: total 2,845 (of which 2,310 subscribers and 535 paying)

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The report of the Novara-LR Vicenza match

Second half

It’s over, 2-2. Comeback and counter-comeback, crazy game. But Vicenza, who had scored with Costa in full injury time, are eating their hands.

52′ GOAL NOVARA Scappini 2-2. Joke Vicenza. Novara equalizes with Scappini who only has to push on goal. But what a mistake from Lane: Di Munno was able to cross undisturbed from the left and not even Confente seemed free from blame. But Scappini was clearly in an irregular position.

Scappini (goal scorer) in a clearly irregular position

Di Munno was guiltily left alone in the action that started Novara's 2-2 draw

Di Munno was guiltily left alone in the action that started Novara’s 2-2 draw

49′ GOOOL VICENZA COSTA 1-2!!! The goal, a header, goes to Costa but Ferrari is fantastic in working a difficult ball and making a perfect tense cross

48′ Ferrari comes close to doubling the lead after a great action and cross from Costa

45′ Five minutes of added time

43′ The second goal fades away at the feet of Tronchin: right foot high from 20 meters

40′ Speranza limps out, Bagatti enters

39′ Yellow for Ierardi for a bad intervention on Speranza

35′ GOOOL VICENZA FERRARI 1-1!!! Great cross from Della Morte and gored by Loco at the far post which finds a formidable header

31′ Double change Lane: Sandon and Costa instead of Laezza and Ronaldo

28′ Golemic booked

21′ In Novara Hope for D’Orazio

20′ Nel Lane Rolfini for Talarico and Tronchin for Proia

15′ Another chance for Vicenza. Ronaldo free kick: high header by Ferrari

10′ Urso is booked

3′ Lane close to equalizing at the end of a scrum in the box. First Ierardi and then Ferrari fail to find the goal

The second half begins

First half

The first half ends. Surprisingly, Novara has the lead despite Lane having had three clear goals

45′ Three minutes of added time

44′ De Col injured, Ierardi comes on in its place

31′ GOAL NOVARA Corti 1-0. Action on the right of Novara, Di Munno crosses to the far post and finds Corti very free. Lane protests for a foul on Laezza, who remained on the ground in the opponent’s half of the field.

25′ 0-0 at Piola. Race still blocked. Three big opportunities for Lane with Proia (twice) and a moment ago with Of death but on his deviation under the seven, Desjardins’ sensational save.

16′ Talarico gets up after a tough tackle with the goalkeeper

10′ Again Proia is quick to take advantage of a defensive error and shoots with his left foot without framing the goal

2′ Proia immediately comes close to scoring with an undersized touch

The race begins

Beautiful day in Novara, teams on the pitch on the Piola synthetic surface. The red and white captain is Golemic

Novara-LR Vicenza, the pre-match

Dispelling the Piola taboo (5 defeats in the last away matches in Novara) to arrive with positive momentum at the match on 8 December against Mantua. In addition to the long-term patients Cataldi and Pasini, Scarsella will not be available today (muscle injury which will keep him out for at least another two weeks), Rossi (who after mourning the loss of his father will fully return to the group on Monday) and Pellegrini (returning from ‘influence). Ferrari starts again up front, alongside Della Morte. In the middle of the pitch Ronaldo, Jimenez and Proia, with Talarico and Greco on the external lanes. In defense Ierardi is still on the bench, with De Col completing the trio with Golemic and Laezza.

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