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The result of Mega Sena 2648 com prize of R$51,268,509.87 million was released this Tuesday (24), in São Paulo, and no one got the six scores right. With this, the accumulated prize reaches R$60 million in the next draw that will be held on Thursday (26).

The numbers drawn today were: 20 – 44 – 45 – 46 – 56 – 59

38 bets came very close and got five tens right. For each of them, Caixa will pay R$90,552.96. The 2,775 guessers of four tens will receive R$ 1,771.43 each.

Result of Mega-Sena 2648 — Photo: Reproduction / Box
Result of Mega-Sena 2648 — Photo: Reproduction / Box

See all prizes paid by Mega-Sena in 2023

Prizes paid by Mega-Sena in 2023

Contest Data Premium paid Winners
2562 08/02/2023 R$ 152.807.887,30 2
2620 12/08/2023 R$ 116.232.513,11 4
2630 09/09/2023 R$ 84.729.015,05 1
2578 29/03/2023 R$ 74.915.170,68 2
2614 25/07/2023 R$ 68.239.150,14 3
2598 03/06/2023 R$ 66.093.916,13 1
2587 29/04/2023 R$ 61.056.497,58 1
2565 16/02/2023 R$ 52.879.877,07 3
2602 17/06/2023 R$ 51.774.681,61 1
2581 08/04/2023 R$ 46.558.149,50 1
2607 01/07/2023 R$ 44.355.154,71 1
2591 11/05/2023 R$ 43.295.767,40 1
2636 23/09/2023 R$ 40.435.445,42 1
2570 04/03/2023 R$ 33.139.056,49 1
2641 05/10/2023 R$ 32.744.242,80 1
2567 23/02/2023 R$ 8.548.140,96 1
2622 19/08/2023 R$ 4.645.727,40 1
2621 16/08/2023 R$ 3.856.058,17 2

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How and until when can I bet on Mega Sena?

As Bets can be placed until 7pm (Brasília time) on the day of the draw in lottery houses, through the Internet in this link or in app Caixa Lotteriesavailable to users of platforms iOS e Android.

The steering wheel, with six tens marked, costs R$5.00 e as dozens drawn will be announced at 8pm. It is worth remembering that the chance of success for a bet with six tens is 50,063,860 for each one.

How to make an official giveaway

In addition to the possibility of a simple game, it is possible to make a official prize pool and increase your chances of making millions (and splitting the money as a group).

You can buy one official Caixa jackpot in any lottery. Just fill in the specific field for this on the steering wheel. In Mega-Sena, prizes have a minimum price of R$15.00. However, each share cannot be less than R$6.00.

It is possible to create a pool of at least two and a maximum of 100 shares. Caixa allows you to place a maximum of 10 bets per pool, and they must have the same number of numbers.

You can also buy shares of jackpots organized by lotteries. However, in this case, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the quota value may be charged.

You can also play on Caixa Online Lotteries website. Caixa does not allow you to purchase prizes via the website, but you can purchase six game combo options. You choose whether you want to view the selected numbers or whether you prefer the “Surprise” format, in which the system randomly marks the bet numbers.

Mega-Sena 2648 result is released;  see drawn numbers — Photo: Agência Brasil
Mega-Sena 2648 result is released; see drawn numbers — Photo: Agência Brasil

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