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THURSDAY – ‘Bureaucratic nonsense’, as one of the participants calls it, or a sensible decision? In any case: the National Headwind Cycling Championships in Zeeland have been canceled today. Cause: the wind is blowing too hard. So that’s still possible.

Every year the organization looks for the windiest moment in the last three months of the year. A good south-westerly autumn storm with at least wind force seven is what the headwind cyclists are looking forward to. But this time it was a bit too extreme and the start was first postponed for two hours and then finally canceled (…)

Starting blocks

The cyclists, who were already in the starting blocks, were particularly disappointed by this. A little later they showed understanding. “It was too intense. The wind gusts with peaks of hurricane strength were so strong that we would have been blown off our bikes.”

On the organization’s socials:

We have been closely monitoring the development of storm Ciarán and unfortunately the wind has become so strong as the day has gone by that we cannot start. The safety of everyone is our top priority.

We were really looking forward to it, but had to make this decision in consultation with various parties and with pain in our hearts

What is not always possible in triathlon due to costs already incurred, is possible at the NK Tegenwindfietsen. The participants will receive their entry fee back and priority for the next edition of the championship. Provided the wind isn’t blowing too hard of course…

The first edition of the National Headwind Cycling Championships was won by Olympic mountain bike champion Bart Brentjens. Later, winter triathlon champion Teun Sweere also won this fun event and triathlete Tineke van den Berg won prizes. It’s a shame, because this edition of all people were in the starting blocks such as Laurens ten Dam and Thomas Dekker. But let’s not get too excited about it…

Neeltje Jans, Province of Zeeland, Sunday February 9, 2020, NK Tegenwind Cycling, Land in Zee, photo: Bart van der Putten

Jeffrey the record man from Haarle (near Holten)

Maybe Jeffrey Hoogland should join in in the future. He suffered a lot of pain during those 55.433 seconds of his world record 1 kilometer on the track. But that removed any form of friction or headwind. Record cycling races usually take place on the highland track in Mexico City. As of this week, the fastest person on two wheels comes from Haarle, a hamlet at the foot of the Holterberg. Last year he was a spectator on the sidelines of the famous Holten triathlon. Whether he will ever participate in that… then it must be an ultra-short form of swimming, cycling and running.

Everyone was impressed by this flying driver. Well, almost everyone. Femke Bol responded as follows: Nice record by Jeffrey Hoogland, but can he also do it with hurdles?’

Challenge moves north

Challenge has already had competitions in Sweden, Finland and Iceland in the past, but not yet in Norway. That will change on August 24 next year, when Sandefjord will acquire the international label. The tourist town is known for its whaling, shipping, chemical industry and… tourism. So a bit of everything.

The half distance starts with the swimming part in – very appropriately – the Sandefjordfjord. Then it’s cycling with the Døla Hill as the executioner and past a replica of one of the oldest Viking ships. Kristian Blummenfelt is already enthusiastic about taking action in front of his own audience three weeks after the Olympic Games.

It’s nice how we also receive plenty of tourist information through the advance announcements. Of course, that is also what local organizations are aiming for. Many foreign participants attend, which also attracts additional tourists. All very explainable.

Tri Amsterdam has a special tourist trail: a great piece of work

Speaking of tourist information. Tri Hard Series posts the highlights on its socials that you visit as a participant at Tri Amsterdam. “Loenersloot Castle is a good example of medieval castle architecture and a rich history dating back to the 13th century. The castle is located in a picturesque area on the Vecht, which is known for its beautiful landscape and historic country houses.” And also: “The Oukoper Mill is a see-saw mill and is located approximately one kilometer north of the village center of Nieuwer Ter Aa. The Mill was built around 1644 and has been officially a national monument since 1971. You can’t really miss it while cycling!”

We completely imagined that the race would take place at Studio Sport and that Herbert Dijkstra would be able to tell us all about the castles along the route, as he always does during the Tour de France.

All joking aside. Lars Vreugdenhil, who has also organized competitions in and around the capital in the past, calls the Tri Hard Series very clever. “They managed to close the Rijksstraatweg for this triathlon. That’s really quite a feat. And it’s also fun for international participants to see what they pass by.”


Kika Extreme has added up the money of all its participants in the three Ironman (70.3) triathlons in which the teams participated. Total proceeds: 350,000 euros, considerably higher than the 152,000 euros of 2022. In Barcelona, ​​the Kika Extremers swam, cycled and ran for 166,000 euros, in Duisburg 89,000 euros and West Friesland 90,000 euros. It is therefore striking that the Spanish race raised much more than the home race. Next year there will also be Challenge competitions.

Skipper skips further competition season

We will not see Joe Skipper in action again this year. He still had Florida and Cozumel Ironman on his program, but the Briton suddenly blacked out at the start of training last week. He is not taking any risks now and is focusing on next year.

Pack beer does not take beer but runs fast and lots of it

Finally: we spoke to Roosendaal runner Roman Packbier for an interview in the Roosendaal edition of BNDeStem. Special man. He is the new Dutch record holder Backyard Ultra. These are special competitions in which the participants have to cover a distance of 6.7 kilometers every hour for as long as possible. If you finish quickly, you can rest for a long time. Until the next hour arrives and we start again.

This continues until the last runner remains. That was in Bell Buckle where the World Championships were held, the American Harvey Lewis, good for 108 laps. Roman didn’t come nearly that far, but the 43 rounds to his name are still unprecedented

724.25 kilometers: the American Harvey Lewis was looking forward to it during the World Backyard Ultra Championship that was held in the American Bell Buckle (Tennessee) and broke the world record in this extreme race. Also good news for the Dutchman Roman Packbier; he did not win the race, but he did improve the Dutch record when he reached 288 kilometers. More about this man soon. (only allowed after publication in my employer’s newspaper…)

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