Nicola Di Bari, who is his wife Agnese: “She also acts as my mother”

Nicola Di Bari he married his wife Agnese Girardello in 1967: from their union four children arrived Ketty, Nicoletta, Arianna e Mathis

The two-time winning singer-songwriter of the Sanremo Festival will be among the guests of the new episode of today Sunday In where he will speak in a space dedicated to the history of the singing event on stage at the Ariston theatre. Michele Sommegnabetter known as Nicola Di Bari (stage name chosen in honor of the saint to whom he is devoted) to start his career in the musical world he abandons Puglia to move to MIlano in search of fortune. Precisely during these travels comes the meeting that turns his life upside down, as the artist himself told guest ad “Today is another day”: “I met her by chance. I was going to Milan on the bus which was full of people and I offered this little girl to sit. A boy sat in her place and I argued with him. Then in the evening we met again and had a coffee. That coffee led us to the altar.”

Nicola Di Bari the first meeting with his wife

A woman far from the world of entertainment, about the singer-songwriter’s life partner whose only information comes from the singer-songwriter who during the program hosted by Serena Bortone he had added on the relationship with the Ghirardello: At the beginning it was very difficult, because we came from different cultures, I am from Puglia and she is from Veneto, but we accepted each other She is beautiful, her way of listening to me… She liked my voice. I can’t do without her, she’s my way. I only feel good together with her. She also acts as my mother, I can’t stay away from her

In the voice of The heart and a gypsy he also spoke about his wife to Italian stories, dedicating the phrases to her: “Having lived with you was very important for who you are, for how we found each other“. The role of women was essential in the life of Nicola Di Bari: “He taught me to love. I didn’t believe in marriageAfter having had about twenty girls, platonic loves… I understood that she would take me to the altar. She looked at me enraptured. She told me that she fell in love with my voice, not because I was beautiful because I’m not

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