Neymar Jr. | Luana Andrade, Neymar’s friend and model, dies at 29 after surgery

Neymar Jr. He is going through a complicated moment in his life because, in addition to the injury he suffered during a match of the Brazilian National Team and that has kept him away from the courts, the loss of his great friend is added Luana Andrade who He died this Tuesday, November 7 at the age of 29.

Andrade was a Brazilian model and influencer close to the club forward’s circle of friends. Al Hilal what He died after undergoing cosmetic surgery in a private hospital in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The woman suffered several cardiac arrests during the intervention, which lasted two and a half hours, according to information from the MM Estilo modeling agency and several local news media.

She had been transferred to an intensive care unit at the Sao Luiz hospital in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood where received hemodynamic treatmentbut they were no longer able to save his life.

Andrade died at the age of 29 after surgery

Andrade died at the age of 29 after surgery


Luana Andrade died as a result of liposuction

According to information from CNN, Luana Andrade had been undergoing liposuction on the thigh which led to a pulmonary embolism and in turn in a clot that blocked blood flow in an artery in the lungs.

Andrade’s representative spoke to the media to point out that The model underwent surgery to improve her physical appearance and it wasn’t the first time he had done it.

“He had surgery on his abdomen and they were going to operate on his legs. “It was during the extraction of fat from the knees that the fatality occurred.”he explained.

Andrade died at the age of 29 after surgery

Andrade died at the age of 29 after surgery


Neymar says goodbye to his friend

Throught social media, Neymar Jr. He mourned the death of his friend Luana Andrade and expressed his condolences to his family and people close to the model.

“My condolences to his entire family. May God welcome Luana with open arms,” the Brazilian forward wrote in a story on his Instagram account.

Andrade was known for participating as a host in some television programs and reality shows. She had more than 500 thousand followers on her social networks.

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