New scam with BPlay sms and Bancomat Pay on mobile phone [Foto]

Many suspicious messages delivered in the last few hours: always be careful not to click suspicious links. Here is an example of a Bplay scam text message.

A new scam attempt seems to have arrived on numerous mobile phones in the last few hours: thesms Bplay. As unfortunately happens more and more often, the bait used is a simple text message that hides the intention of accessing – and emptying – the account of the unfortunate person in question. This time it concerns, specifically, BPlay and Bancomat Pay sms: let’s see specifically what it is and how to defend yourself.

The new scam empties your bank account

BPlay is Bancomat Pay’s loyalty program, created to allow the most loyal account holders to obtain various types of prizes and bonuses. Several account holders, however, have recently received suspicious messages on their cell phones. For example, you are asked to enter a verification code to proceed with registration but the link provided will end up taking the victim, with one click, to the page designated by the scammers who will thus be able to take control of their account away from them.

We advise you to ALWAYS pay close attention to the text messages or emails you receive, especially when they contain links that should be used to enter codes or personal data. Very often these are scam attempts and it is best to ignore the message.

See the example of a Bplay scam text message

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