New bomb threats on the Urquiza, Roca, Belgrano and Sarmiento railways

A new bomb threatby second day in a rowaffected the services of the Sarmiento, Miter, Roca and Belgrano railways around 8, in the middle of rush hour. The explosives division was working on Constitution, where the hall was evacuated.

After almost an hour of interruption of the trains, the service began to normalize when determining the falsity of the threat.

As reported Argentine Trainsin the Constitución station on the Roca linehe service was presented with delays and cancellations. For his part, the Belgrano SouthCatan branch was limited Soldati-Catán by bomb threat at Sáenz station. and the train Sarmiento circulated with reduced service between Moreno and Caballito due to threat in Once station.

Refering to Urquiza line, operated with limited service between Campo de Mayo and Lacroze by station security operation Lemos.


Operational in Constitution. 

Operational in Constitution.


Staff of the explosive brigades of the City and Federal Police They carried out operations at the aforementioned stations to rule out the presence of explosive objectsso the normalization of services depended on the time it took to review the terminals and formations that were in place at the time of the threats.

Two schools evacuated due to bomb threat

Two Buenos Aires schools they must have been evacuated this morning to receive bomb threatsso effective Argentine Federal Police and of the Buenos aires city they made a bomb disposal operativeas officially reported.

Its about Instituto Argentino Excelsior on 6000 Rivadavia Street, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, and in a school in Institute of Higher Studies of Buenos Aires (ESBA)in Presidente José Uriburu at 1045, in Recoleta.

The threats were received by the emergency line 911 through a series of telephone calls warning of explosive devices in these institutions, sources from the Buenos Aires security force indicated.

Given the threats received, the Argentine Federal Police was informed and the City Police Anti-Bomb Squad was notified, which carried out the necessary operations to verify the existence of explosives.

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