Nerve gas and sponge bombs…weapons of the Israeli occupation army in the invasion of Gaza – Miscellaneous

The Israeli occupation army forces began the ground invasion of the Palestinian Gaza Strip, using nerve gas during their operations, according to what was reported by “Cairo News”, as this was not the first weapon of its kind used by the occupation in the invasion operation. Yesterday, it announced its use of another weapon known as sponge bombs.

The use of sponge bombs in the ground invasion of Gaza

The British newspaper “The Telegraph” reported yesterday that the sponge bombs used by forces The Israeli occupation armyIt is one of the types of weapons that Israel uses in launching its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. These bombs are placed inside the tunnel networks that are described as the “Gaza metro.” They work by exploding a liquid or foam that expands until it swells and becomes solid, as happens in the case of Sponge that “fluffs” when absorbing water.

It also contains Sponge bomb On a metal barrier separating two liquids, and once this barrier is removed, the soldier throws or places the bomb until the compounds mix with each other, and an explosion occurs.

The Israeli occupation army is testing sponge bombs, which do not contain explosives, but are used to fill gaps or entrances to tunnels from which fighters may exit.

What is nerve gas?

According to the British Encyclopedia of Knowledge, the World Health Organization, nerve gas is one of the chemical warfare weapons that affects the transmission of nerve impulses through the nervous system.

The name nerve gas, or what is known as “nerve agent,” is used for organic phosphorus compounds that prevent the action of the cholinesterase enzyme in tissues, disrupting the transmission of nerve impulses.

The nerve agent is mostly odorless and colorless, and is soluble in water.

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