NEC – Medical update Bas Dost

Dear colleagues, NEC members and football fans,

I have now heard from my cardiologist what caused what happened to me during the AZ – NEC match in Alkmaar. I have had many tests in recent days and they have shown that I have an inflamed heart muscle (myocarditis). There can be various reasons why a heart muscle becomes inflamed and the consequences can be quite serious, but I was lucky that I was successfully resuscitated on the field. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am to the doctors of NEC and AZ for their adequate performance on the field.

The tests will continue in the coming days and then I will go home and need to rest to fully recover from this. Only after that moment will I gain more insight into my future and from then on I can share more about it. For now I will take a break from football and spend the coming time with my family. I hope everyone respects that. I will report back to the Goffert Stadium in the coming months. Then I will also tell my story one day, especially to help the sports world and learn from what happened to me and so that I can still tell it.

I spoke to our staff and my fellow players at lunch yesterday afternoon. I was happy to see and talk to them again. I explained to them what happened to me, what caused it and what the coming period looks like for me. I would like to emphasize that my inflammation has nothing to do with vaccinations. I told them that I am confident in my recovery and that I will get back on track. I hope they can now focus on football again. They must focus on today’s and Sunday’s matches against Roda JC and FC Volendam. I’m going to watch those matches on TV and cheer on my colleagues.

Everyone knows I’m going to miss the game. First of all my colleagues, but also the supporters, training and the atmosphere in football stadiums. I really enjoy that. However, now it is time to look at myself and take some rest. I’m not counting on anything for now, only on my recovery in the midst of my family.

I would once again like to thank everyone from the football world, at home and abroad. You have shown me so much attention. That touched and supported me and my family.

Thanks football friends, I will visit you again!


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