NBA: The complete Nuggets party: championship ring and victory over the Lakers

Pfor the fans of the Nuggets, the start of the NBA will undoubtedly be one of the most unforgettable days of their lives. That day, The Nuggets received their reward for being NBA championsIn the eyes of history they are already champions, with a ring, a banner to the sky of the Ball Arena and celebration in style. presenting the trophy to a packed stadium that merged with his team in a beautiful ceremony.

Jokic, Murray, Porter, Gordon…all of them already have the most precious jewel for an NBA player, the championship ring, the one that they will later wear with pride and to which few, very few have access. The delivery, player by player, took place before the game against the Lakers with which the season officially started. Then came the hammer from Colorado.

Because after the emotion of the celebration, in which tribute was even paid to 10 Americans who died in the Hamas attacks on Israel, sports arrived, the basketball game in which the Nuggets were much better than their rival, 119-107.

In that aspect, in sports, life remains the same in the NBA. Denver is a team called to defend its title until the end and be among the best for sure. The Lakers have to do it and in principle, with a good squad they will be able to get into the Playoffs and we’ll see if it does anything more.

We can’t think too much about last season“said Jamal Murray, trying to shake off the emotions of the ring ceremony. They didn’t do it during the game, or better yet, they did it to be the same team that won the NBA last year.

I think we dominated the game all the time.“Jokic said at the end of a match in which he already signed the primer triple-doble it’s from the season. like, without waiting. The Serbian was the best with 29 points, 13 rebounds and 11 assistsreceiving good help from Murray, 21 points, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, 20, Aaron Gordon, 15 and Michael Porter Jr., 12.

On the other side was a LeBron James that will be dosed throughout the season. Not in vain he has just started his 21st campaign and the idea is that he arrives well at the end. LeBron was the best ‘laker’ with 21 points in 29 minutes: “I always like to be on the track, especially if there is an option to win.but there is a system and I am going to follow it.”

In addition to LeBron, in the Lakers, all the starters scored over 10 points: Taurean Prince scored 18 in his debut, Anthony Davis, 17, Austin Reaves, 14 and D’Angelo Russell, 11.

During the game, the Nuggets led by 18 before halftime, but the Lakers managed to react to 87-84. It was the closest moment on the scoreboard. From then on the dominance belonged to the locals above all with a 10-3 partial in the last minutes that sealed the first victory for the champions… who already have their ring.

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