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The issuance of the ID card by the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (PCMG) takes on a new format with the implementation of the National Identity Card (CIN), which has already started to be issued at all identification posts in Minas Gerais. The document must be requested by February 2032.

Dispatched from North to South of the State since 12/27/2023, the number of emissions already exceeds 50 thousand units. The document, in a single model and valid for the national territory, adopts the registration number in the Individual Taxpayer Registry (CPF) as a general national registration – until then, the ID number was variable per individual in each of the 27 states of the country. federation. The first copy is free.

To access the service, the applicant must make an appointment via the MG Cidadão app or on the MG Portal – if the desired location does not appear, it is recommended to go directly to the Identification Point in your location. The new identity card will be delivered to the address provided by the citizen, via post, within 15 working days.

According to current legislation, the applicant must present the birth or marriage certificate (original or certified copy) and the CPF to obtain the CIN.

People who do not have a CPF can look for the Identification Post where they will be registered in the Individual Taxpayer Registry, which will enable them to issue a National Identity Card.

The National Identity Card model is established in Federal Decree No. 10,977/2022. In addition to changing the layout, the document issuance process is also more modern, using electronic devices for photography, signature and fingerprint collection. During the issuance process, data is checked with systems from the Federal Revenue Service and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), increasing the security of the document.

Renewal and additional data

The Federal Decree provides that the identity model issued in the standards prior to the new format will be valid until 2/23/2032. Therefore, it will not be necessary to immediately exchange the wallet for the new model. Despite the validity period, the document may not be accepted if it can no longer identify the bearer.

The card holder may request the inclusion of data from other documents in the CIN, in its digital version, such as National Driving License, voter registration card, functional identity or professional card and military certificate, and must present the respective supporting documents to the issuing body. .

It is also possible to insert, in digital format, information about the holder’s blood type and RH factor, willingness to donate organs in case of death and specific health conditions whose disclosure may contribute to preserving health or saving life.

Furthermore, upon request, the holder’s social name may be included, without the requirement for supporting documentation, accompanied by the civil registry name.


The first issuance of the CIN is free, regardless of the existence of other forms of identity card in previous models.

The National Identity Card will be valid for five years for people aged zero to 11; ten years, for the age group from 12 years old to 59 years old; and undetermined for people aged 60 and over.

In the event of loss or misplacement of the CIN, during the period of validity of the document, the respective fee for other issues must be collected in order to issue a new copy.

The exemption remains for theft and robbery situations, upon presentation of the police report within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of the incident; and hyposufficiency (financial lack), as provided for in the specific ordinance.

CIN imprinted and digital

The National Identity Card has printed versions – in Minas Gerais issued on security paper – and digital versions.

The digital format of the document and the validation of the citizen’s data for issuing the card will be carried out by The digital CIN is obtained through the application, after issuing the physical card.

To verify the authenticity of the document, CIN has a QR Code, which can be read by any citizen and will allow you to check whether the identity is authentic.

How to apply

To request the issuance of an identity card, an appointment must be made via the website or via a cell phone or tablet application. Subsequently, the applicant must go to the Civil Police Identification Stations carrying the necessary documents – birth or marriage certificate (original or certified copy) and CPF.

Scheduling channels

To access directly via the website, simply click on the link:

To access via cell phone or tablet, simply download the MG App app:

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Attention: At Identification Stations in the interior, scheduling can be done directly by phone or email from the unit. Consult HERE the contacts and addresses of PCMG in the State (if you cannot find a specific unit in your city, consult the district covered by the municipality) or click HERE to find out about the Integrated Service Units (UAIs).

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