“My illness is my strength. Drugs? I’ve tried them all”

Isabella Ferrari confessed in an intimate interview with Beastsbroadcast tonight on Rai2 with its latest episode. Career, private life, but also personal health was the theme of the conversation with Francesca Fagnani the actress59 years old, also spoke about her illness, the name of which she never revealed: “I think I will never reveal the name of this illness because the internet is terrible, it deceives us. When I did it I was very scared, I didn’t even tell my children for a long time because I didn’t want them to go and read.” Even now they don’t know? “The name yes, now they know. However, the illness is my strength, my stability. It has changed me , it made me more confident, more stable.”

As far as the famous one is concerned sex scene in Nanni Moretti’s film Calm Chaos, Francesca Fagnani asked: “Once and for all, was it real or not?”. “When I did the first rehearsal I entered the door, I gave Nanni a kiss, Nanni stopped and told me “this isn’t the taste of the sea”. There are scenes that still require a strength, a truth… I want to be in them, I’m not interested in pretending.” When the presenter recalled that the misunderstanding had also arisen from some statements by Ferrari herself, the actress clarified: “At the Berlin festival Nanni told me that I had to answer the various questions regarding that scene. Everyone had their own task , I had that task there which was the most thankless one, and maybe I said some bullshit.”

Then there is room for life as a couple. When asked if she had ever checked the cell phone of her husband, the director and screenwriter Renato De Maria, because usually those who search for her find her, the actress confirmed: “We found it”. Vice versa? “We’re even,” nodded Ferrari who also answered questions about drug use. “I’ve tried them all, but never the heavy ones… I’ve tried joints, cocaine…”. To which Fagnani intervened: “That’s a bit heavy…”, but Ferrari clarified: “Yes, but always stopping at a truly homeopathic dosage”. “Pediatric cocaine”, commented the presenter; “I don’t want to lose control,” she added.

Finally on Gianni Boncompagni, when Fagnani asked her if at 16 she had the tools to live that relationship in a balanced manner, Ferrari explained: “He was balanced. It was a great fortune to have met him so young, he was a bit of a father.” In fact, the presenter recalled that the actress lived with Boncompagni’s daughter, who was the same age as her: “Yes, it had become a nice family. I have never really felt this problem of the age difference”. To Fagnani who reminded her that she had spoken some time ago about a scar: “I have several scars, I can’t see a scar in my relationship with Gianni Boncompagni, she replied.


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