“My daughters wanted me to dance”

Wanda Nara made her debut on “Dancing with the Stars”. Before the debut you spoke about your illness and the reasons that pushed you to participate

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In the first evening of “dancing with the Stars” debuted on the program Wanda Nara. Before her first dance, however, in a clip, the Argentine showgirl spoke about his illness and of the reasons that pushed her to participate: “My daughters wanted me to dance”.

Wanda Nara on “Dancing with the Stars”

It started again last night – Saturday 21 October – “dancing with the Stars”, the well-known television program in which characters from the world of entertainment and sport compete with dance moves.

In the first episode of the new season of the talent show, hosted by Milly Carlucci, he did her debut Wanda Narathe Argentine showgirl, wife of the footballer Mauro Icardi.

Wanda Nara on Photo source: ANSA

Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca pose for photographers during the presentation of the new edition of “Dancing with the Stars”

Wanda Nara has been in the news a lot lately, due to an illness he had never spoken about directly. But in a clip before her performance, the showgirl wanted to clarify some aspects of both her health condition and the reasons that pushed her to participate.

Leukemia and daughters

Even though there had been talk about it for several months possible leukemia, no confirmation (nor denial) had ever arrived from Argentina. In the presentation video that preceded Wanda Nara’s first dance (a rumba alongside maestro Pasquale La Rocca), while not going into detail, the showgirl wanted to clarify some points.

“I had to travel to Milan. I did some routine tests, the values ​​were strange – said the woman – They admitted me to hospital and we started to see things. I turned on the TV in the hospital and it was “Wanda has this disease”. I I was crying because I didn’t know what I had”.

“When I found out more, the children were very sad. When the proposal for Dancing came to me, we thought about it, we followed what the doctors are telling me, I’m undergoing treatment and they told me I could participate. […] My littlest girls they invited me to go dancing. That’s also why I chose to do Dancing, to show that I’m fine”, concluded Wanda Nara.

Selvaggia Lucarelli against Wanda Nara

As mentioned, Wanda Nara’s first dance on Dancing with the Stars was a rumba, much appreciated by the jurycomposed by Guillermo Mariotto, Ivan Zazzaroni, Selvaggia Lucarelli, Carolyn Smith and Fabio Canino.

Selvaggia Lucarelli pitched some jabs at the showgirl, on the occasion of her performance: “We saw the presentation clip and it was all there: childhood, the story of how you became Wanda Nara, your children, Mauro Icardi, you who wipe your tears with the diamond from 8 thousand carats. I already love you but I want truth.”

At a later moment, Wanda Nara then argued about a 0 given by Guillermo Mariotto to Rocco Siffredi’s son, and Selvaggia Lucarelli did not miss an opportunity to launch another blow at the showgirl: “She has already founded the dancers’ union. She, that millionairess!”. Wanda Nara did not respond to the provocations, but she has already clarified that “if she were to become personal, I will be able to respond in kind”.


Photo source: ANSA

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