“My comment was sexist,” says Nizam, fourth eliminated from BBB24

Nizam was the fourth eliminated from BBB24, after being put in the spotlight alongside Giovanna Pitel and Ráculo. This Monday (22), the ex-brother participated in “Café com Eliminado” during the program Mais Você with Ana Maria Braga.

The former participant comments on the vote he received from Alane, who contributed to him going to the wall. They almost had a romance at the beginning of the reality show and his sister’s vote left him quite upset. He also spoke about a discussion he had with his sister about a situation involving the ex-BBB Vanessa Lopes. In a nervous moment, Alane ended up passing out.

Nizam confesses that he was harsh with his words and expresses regret saying that he was unhappy with his words and actions: “I am absolutely sure that I could have acted differently. Unfortunately, I can’t change what happened, but I can learn from my mistake. If I could go back, I would. I didn’t want to diminish anyone’s pain or feelings. I think I thought more about myself than anyone else. I was selfish.”

The ex-brother also talked about going to talk to Vanessa without Alane’s presence, as the two had agreed. “It was an unfortunate speech, because we don’t remember exactly what was said. I should have been honest and taken the blame.”

Another speech by Nizam that resonated a lot outside the house was when he, Rodriguinho, Lucas Pizane e Vinicius they talked about body of Yasmin Brunet. The topic came from Nizam, who asked his friends what they thought of the model’s body. Crying, he shares how he feels after having this attitude.

“Ridiculous, childish, I have a female sister, my niece… I imagine if they said that about them. Unfortunately, to learn we have to make mistakes. I’m glad to get out and look at the error before it gets much worse. I can look and understand what happened and how I can improve. And be an example for people who want to improve. My comment was sexist, childish, I was an idiot for saying it.”

In another interview conducted after his departure, Nizam agreed that he was manipulative in the game. “Seeing from the outside, I agree. I realized that I was trying to manipulate people in my favor, after all it is a game. I’m articulate, I work in sales and I need to know how to convince. I am a person of leadership, who attracts attention and who usually people end up trusting for free. Not that I’ve used it to my advantage, but it’s something that naturally happens to me.”

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