Muhammad Anwar in his first response after joining “artificial marriage”: “Oh God, text

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Friday, October 27, 2023

Books – Hani Saber:

The artist, Mohamed Anwar, sent a message to everyone who wronged him after joining the play “Artificial Marriage” as a replacement for the artist, Mohamed Salam.

Anwar wrote, via the “Stories” of his Instagram account: “My Lord, you have forbidden injustice for yourself and forbidden it for your servants. O God, you are my guarantor and my sufficiency is against those who wronged me and oppressed my heart.”

He continued: “My Lord, I have left them for a day when no right will be lost. O Lord, take my right with your glory and majesty… O Lord, and I know that the prayer of the oppressed against the oppressor is quickly answered.”

He added: “Oh God, grant me victory over all those who wronged me and give them a share of what I felt.”

Muhammad Anwar had replaced Muhammad Salam after he apologized for participating in the play “Artificial Marriage” out of sympathy with the brotherly Palestinian people.

The makers of the play “Artificial Marriage,” Mai Ezz El-Din, Bayoumi Fouad, and Mohamed Anwar, are continuing rehearsals, in preparation for its showing on October 30.

The play revolves around a couple who are exposed to a crisis on their wedding night, and are forced to turn to an expert in romantic relationships. They are then subjected to a modern experiment using artificial intelligence, which makes them rethink their entire marriage project.

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