Mouth vs. Students, for the League Cup: result, summary and controversies

Xeneize drew 0-0 against Pincha this Saturday in La Bombonera, on matchday 11 in Zone B, in their last match before the final of the Copa Libertadores 2023.

Boca tied 0 to 0 against Students of La Plata within the framework of date 11 of the League Cup in Zone B and the last game of the Xeneize before playing the final of the Copa Libertadores 2023 ante Fluminensein the legendary Maracaná stadium.

The first half in La Bombonera did not have great emotions. The Xeneize tried with Vicente Taborda at 8 minutes and a mid-distance shot, but the ball did not cause much danger for the visitors.

Then, at 26′ he tried Norberto Briasco, who was cut off just before his shot and it all ended in a corner, which those led by Jorge Almirón could not take advantage of either. Meanwhile, the clearest was that of the young Jabes Saralegui which was covered by Mariano Andújar at 28′ 1T.

On the visitors’ side, the only chance was Benjamin Rollheiser with a free kick that however hit Marcelo Saracchi who was in the barrier and both teams went into halftime tied without goals.

In the second half, Taborda appeared again this time with a free kick and the shot went very close to the right post of the Estudiantes goalkeeper. Furthermore, Eduardo Domínguez’s men arrived first with Ezequiel Muñoz (17′) y Guido Carrillo (24′).

At 33 minutes, Lucas Johnson He had managed to hit the ball into the net with a header, but there was an advanced position and The referee disallowed the goal.

The controversy occurred four minutes later, when due to a foul Jorge Rodríguez had to leave the field injured due to a foul by Valentín Barcowho got the yellow card, but caused anger and request for the expulsion of those from La Plata.

This tie means that both teams lose the opportunity to catch up with Defensa y Justicia in the standings. Mouth will have the duel to win the seventh next Saturday, while Estudiantes will face Halcón.

The game ended

Boca tied 0 to 0 against Estudiantes.

44′ 2T: Students missed it at the end

Benedetti was close to scoring with two shots that failed to be of great danger for Xeneize.

Mouth vs. Students: Gastón Benedetti’s auction


Mouth vs.  Students: Gastón Benedetti's auction

42 Q2: Ezequiel Bullaude, again reprimanded in Boca

Boca has three players cautioned.

38′ 2T: Change in Students

After Barco’s absence, Jorge Rodríguez could not continue on the court. Gonzalo Piñeiro entered his place.

36′ 2T: Yellow card for Valentín Barco

The referee admonished the Boca player and the Pincha players claimed that it was an expulsion.

Mouth vs. Students: the yellow card for Valentín Barco


Mouth vs.  Students: the yellow card for Valentín Barco

33′ 2T: Boca’s goal was annulled

Lucas Janson had managed to hit the ball into the net with a header, but there was an advanced position.

Mouth vs. Estudiantes: Lucas Janson’s goal disallowed for offside


Mouth vs.  Estudiantes: Lucas Janson's goal disallowed for offside

32′ 2T: Change in Boca

Juan Edgardo Ramírez enters, Taborda leaves.

27′ 2T: Change in Students

Gastón Benedetti and Axel Atum enter, Eros Mancuso and Benjamín Rollheiser leave

25′ 2T: Yellow card for Benjamín Rollheiser

Benjamín Rollheiser is Estudiantes’ first yellow card in the match.

24′ 2T: Try Students

Guido Carrillo was facing the goal, but his shot ended up in the hands of Javier García.

Mouth vs. Students: Guido Carrillo’s move


Mouth vs.  Students: Guido Carrillo's move

20′ 2T: Change in Students

Mauro Méndez leaves, Guido Carrillo enters.

17′ 2T: Good chance for Pincha

Ezequiel Muñoz arrived with a good header, but it did not cause great danger to goalkeeper Javier García.

Mouth vs. Students: Ezequiel Muñoz’s header


Mouth vs.  Students: Ezequiel Muñoz's header

16′ 2Q: Amonestado Marcelo Saracchi

The Boca player is the first cautioned of the match.

14′ 2T: Triple change in Boca

Enter Luca Langoni, Valentin Barco and Diego Hernan Gonzalez. Jorman Campuzano, Jabes Saralegui and Norberto Briasco leave.

6′ 2T: Boca was close to the first

Vicente Taborda had a great chance with a free kick and the ball passed very close to Andújar’s right post.

Mouth vs. Students: Vicente Taborda’s free kick


Mouth vs.  Students: Vicente Taborda's free kick

The second half has started!

Boca and Estudiantes are already playing the second half at La Bombonera.

End of the first half

Boca draws 0 to 0 against Estudiantes.

28′ 1T: Tapadón de Andújar

Jabes Saralegui took a good shot, but the Estudiantes goalkeeper denied him the goal.

Mouth vs. Students: Jabes Saralegui’s auction


Mouth vs.  Students: Jabes Saralegui's auction

26′ 1T: Briasco missed it

The Boca player failed to get a good shot and after a rebound, there was a corner for the locals.

Mouth vs. Students: Norberto Briasco’s chance


Mouth vs.  Students: Norberto Briasco's chance

20′ 1T: Boca and Estudiantes fail to create danger in the area

So far the teams have not been able to get great chances to score and everything remains 0 to 0.

8′ 1T: Boca tries to reach the area

Vicente Taborda was encouraged with a shot from mid-range, but finally the ball bounced off a Estudiantes man.

Mouth vs. Students: Vicente Taborda’s auction


Mouth vs.  Students: Vicente Taborda's auction

The match started!

Boca and Estudiantes already face each other in La Bombonera.

The confirmed eleven of Estudiantes vs. Boca, for the League Cup

Mariano Andújar; Leonardo GodoySantiago NunezEzequiel Muñoz, Zaid RomeroEros Mancuso;Jbarley RodríguezFernando Zuqui; Benjamin Roller liftsMauro Mendez and Jose Sosa.

Eduardo Dominguez

The confirmed formation of Boca vs. Students, for the League Cup

Javier García; Lucas BlondelBruno ValdezAaron AnselminoMarcelo Saracchi; Jabez SaraleguiJorman CampuzanoEzequiel BullaudeVicente Taborda; Norbert Briasco y Lucas Janson..

Mouth training plate

This is how Boca arrived at La Bombonera

“Everything ready at home!”, expressed the club through its official account and posted a video in which you can see the intimacy of the Xeneize locker room ahead of the duel against Pincha.

This is how Boca arrived at La Bombonera to play against Estudiantes


This is how Boca arrived at La Bombonera to play against Estudiantes

Everything ready in the Boca locker room!

For what will be Xeneize’s last game against its people before the final of the Copa Libertadores, the blue and gold team will take the field with the traditional jersey.

mouth dressing room

This is how Students arrive to visit Boca

Meanwhile, the Pinch will come from beating 2-1 Sarmiento de Junínwith so many of Mauro Boselli -penalty- and Zaid Romerowith the aim of adding points to get among the first four teams that advance to the phase in the Copa LPF and in the Annual Table to stay in the classification zone South American Cup and dream about South American Cup.

This match will have the attraction of having as protagonists the same teams that will face each other in the semifinal of the Argentine Cupwith date and stadium to be confirmed.

Students - goal celebration

How Boca arrives to receive Students

He Xeneize comes from falling 2-1 against Racing in the classic played at the Cilindro de Avellaneda, with a goal from the Uruguayan Miguel Merentiel for the team led by Jorge Almironand will have the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans before traveling to Rio de Janeiro in search of America’s seventh conquest.

Racing vs. Boca

The history of Boca vs. Students, for the League Cup

They played 203 times

  • Boca won 110 times.
  • Students won 46 times.
  • They tied 47 times.

Last confrontation: Boca 0-1 Estudiantes, for the 2023 Professional League.

students mouth

The data from Boca vs. Students, for the League Cup

  • Hour: 19.
  • Estadio: The Bombonera.
  • TV: TNT Sports.
  • Referee: Sebastian Zunino.
students mouth

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