More investigation needed to determine cause of Matthew Perry’s death

Matthew Perry in 2002

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It will take some time before it is clear what caused Matthew Perry’s death. The Los Angeles pathologist said after an autopsy that toxicological tests were still being conducted. That could take weeks.

The body of the Friends-actor may be released to his family in the meantime, according to the report. Nothing has been announced yet about a funeral.

In the pathologist’s official report can be read that “complicating factors” that contributed to the root cause are taken into account. What this means has not yet been revealed, but Perry had serious health problems in the past due to his drug addiction.

For example, five years ago he ended up in a coma on a heart-lung machine after a bowel perforation due to excessive drug use. Doctors then gave him a 2 percent chance of survival, he wrote his candid autobiography last year. “Five patients were treated with such a device that evening. The other four died and I survived.”

The One Where Our Hearts Are Broken

An assistant said the 54-year-old actor dead in his jacuzzi on Saturday morning after exercise. He became world famous for playing Chandler in the sitcom Friends.

The makers of the series react in shock to his death. “This is real The One Where Our Hearts Are Broken“, say Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright with a reference to the way in which Friendsepisode were titled. They praise the way he made his role his own. “From day 1, there was no other for us.”

“We will always remember fondly the joy and fun he always provided, not only at work but also in life. He was always the funniest person in the room. And more than that: the sweetest, with a generous heart.”

Memorial site in New York

The other protagonists of the series have not yet responded. Fans did leave candles and flowers at Perry’s home outside Los Angeles. A memorial site has also been created in New York at the apartment where the TV series was set.

Perry’s relatives say they feel supported by all the condolences. “Matthew brought so much joy to the world, as an actor and as a friend. You meant so much to him and we really appreciate all the outpourings of love.”

Flowers at the building used as the exterior of the Friends apartment

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