Mirassol x São Paulo, LIVE, with Voz do Esporte, at 6:30 pm

This Tuesday, Tricolor will go to the interior to face one of the most complicated teams in Paulistão. Ennio Ricanelo narrates this game

Photo: Arte Jogada10 – Caption: Mirassol x São Paulo / Jogada10

O São Paulo visits Mirassol this Tuesday (23/1), at 7:30 pm (Brasília time), at the Municipal Stadium, in Mirassol for the 2nd round of Paulistão. In fact, Tricolor arrives motivated after beating Santo André 3-1 in their debut. On the other hand, Leão do Interior drew 1-1, away, against black Bridge and wants to seek the first triumph. To follow this duel that opens the round, be sure to follow the coverage with Voz do Esporte. The broadcast starts at 6:30 pm, with a complete pre-game under the command of the vibrant Ennio Ricanelo, who also narrates the match.

Voz do Esporte’s coverage also includes comments from Figueiredo Jr and reports from David Silva. Don’t forget to check out Tricolor’s game against the dangerous Mirassol. Just click on the art above.

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