Mick Jagger makes a quick visit to a clothing store in Hilversum. ‘Within no time he had chosen a jacket’

Daniel Banen in front of his clothing store.© archive photo Studio Kastermans

Rens Muller


The Rolling Stones’ new album has just been released. Every reason to reminisce about Mick Jagger and his followers in Gooise. For example, Daniel Banen once saw Mick Jagger enter his clothing store in Hilversum in a flash.

Mick Jagger apparently lost his jacket during the recordings at the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum. How else can it be explained that the Stones leader walked into Daniel Banen’s clothing store in Herenstraat in 1986? Jagger’s arrival was neatly reported, says Banen.


“I got a call from someone from the record company saying he was coming to my store to pick out a leather jacket. Anyway, shortly afterwards Jagger showed up on the doorstep. He was seconded by two burly bodyguards. Luckily I had had enough time to get some jackets ready for him. In no time he had chosen a jacket. I remember it was a calfskin jacket. One of the bodyguards paid and they were off. I haven’t even had time to take it all in. That was truly a flash visit.”

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