Michael Jackson, “Thriller 40” trailer out

On December 2nd, the day the documentary will be released, exactly 41 years will have passed since the publication of one of the records that changed the history of music: Thriller on Michael Jackson. The film, directed by Nelson George, traces the genesis of the best-selling album in history and will be available in Italy on the streaming platform Paramount+.

«There are two eras in the music business: before Thriller and then Thriller». The trailer of the documentary begins with these words Steven Ivory, American journalist and writer Thriller 40 dedicated to the sixth album of the King of pop. There are obviously many other voices in the film: Usher, Mary J. Blige, will.i.am, Mark Ronson, Misty Copeland, Maxwell, the director of the music video for Thriller John Landis, are just some of the interviewees.

In the trailer you can see the various phases of the album’s production process, the music videos, the Moonwalk (which Jackson debuted at the 1983 Motown 25 special) and the global resonance of the project and the brilliant mind that created it. The documentary will also include previously unseen footage of Michael Jackson, as well as those who collaborated with him, dating back to the writing and recording of the album..

“It’s the definitive blueprint of modern pop music,” says will.i.am dei Black Eyed Peas in the trailer. “Self Thriller If it came out today, it would still be the greatest album ever made.”

Thriller by Michael Jackson, the best-selling album in history

In 2022 Thriller by Michael Jackson has turned 40, but he doesn’t seem to have aged a day. It was written about December 2nd which is actually the date of publication in the rest of the world. The debut on the US market had already taken place two days earlier, on November 30, 1982.

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Michael Jackson reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 with 7 singles taken from Thriller. Two of these, Beat It e Billie Jeanreached first position. The album won seven Grammy Awards and sold over 100 million copies, still making it the best-selling album in music history.

Thriller he also made history for the video clip of the track of the same name. Directed by John Landis, director of among others Animal House e The Blues Brothers, it is a real short film. A well-structured plot and Hollywood special effects that had never been seen before in the world of music videos.

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