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Today, Monday 8 January, a new recording of the 2023-24 edition of Men and Women, Maria De Filippi’s dating show, took place.

January 8, 2024 6:57 pm

Today, Monday 8 January 2024a new recording of this year’s edition of Men and womenthe dating show of Maria De Filippi. The episodes recorded today will be broadcast on Channel 5 in the next weeks.

According to the previews published by the Instagram page of, regarding the Classic Throne, Ida Platano had an argument with Mario because she feels little considered and courted by him. Mario justified himself by stating that he did not know the rules of the program well but this excuse did not prove convincing and he was criticized. Eventually, however, clarification arrived.

Ida made three fielders. One of the suitors she has dated (twice) is Sergio which, in the studio, he attacked Alessandroex of the tronista.

As for the Throne Overinstead, it is Roberta That Armando they returned to the studio.

Between Armando and Alessandro, there was a very heated discussion to the point that it almost came close to a fight.

Armando also argued with Cristina who, as we know, began an acquaintance with Alessandro. Cristina was also attacked by Roberta who accused her of behaving like a false friend, initially stating that she was not interested in Alessandro. The latter she also discussed with Gianni Sperti While Tina Cipollari she was the only one who defended him.

Among the various discussions, Alessandro and Cristina provided the latest developments regarding their acquaintance, also revealing that they had slept together without however having intimacy.

Cristina also expressed her desire to give exclusivity to Alessandro but the latter replied no, adding that there are things about her that he doesn’t like.

Ida e Tizianafinally, they went out with the same knight.

When is Men and Women broadcast?

Men and women it goes on air Channel 5 every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, starting from 2.45pm. The dating show can also be viewed in live streaming on the website Mediaset Infinity.

Furthermore, the episode of the day is repeated several times, on La5 (at 7.45pm, at 11.20pm and also the following day starting from 12.40pm), and on Canale 5, during the night.

They are Witty TvFurthermore, it is possible to review or catch up on broadcast episodes.

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