MEC will debate bilingual education for the deaf this Tuesday (16)

Webinar on Basic Education Teacher Training Program seeks heterogeneous and bilingual educational practices. Broadcast will be on the MEC YouTube channel

This Tuesday, January 16th, the Ministry of Education (MEC) will hold, through the Department of Continuing Education, Youth and Adult Literacy, Diversity and Inclusion (Secadi), the Webinar “Renafor/Bilingual Education for the Deaf”. It will cover the Teacher Training Program dBilingual Education for the Deaf, within the scope of the National Network for Continuing Training of Education Professionals (Renafor). The broadcast will start at 4pm (Brasília time), on the MEC YouTube channel.

The event is aimed at education departments, boards, education professionals, managers, institutions, researchers and civil society. Participants will be able to deepen their knowledge of the Basic Education Teacher Training Program (especially bilingual education for the deaf) and the importance of quality teacher training in the education network. By prioritizing heterogeneous and bilingual educational practices that respect linguistic, identity and cultural differences, the webinar promotes individual learning and diverse opportunities throughout target audience for bilingual education for the deaf (Paebs).

Investment In 2023, the MEC invested R$1.2 million, distributed across 9 federal higher education institutions, with a total of 11 courses offered, to provide 4,300 training places for teachers and professionals who work with Paebs. Grants were also paid to the course organization team in the amount of R$1.8 million, referring to courses signed in the period 2023, in accordance with Resolution no. 45, of August 29, 2011.

Program The Program Training of Teachers for Bilingual Education for the Deaf is carried out by Directorate of Bilingual Education Policies for the Deaf (Dipebs), at Secadi, in partnership with federal higher education institutions. The aim is to enable continued training for basic education teaching professionals in bilingual education for the deaf throughout the national territory, as well as teachers and basic education professionals in general, through Renafor, based on Decree no. 8,752/2016.

Source: MEC
Photo: Jose Cruz/EBC

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