Maurizio Battista, the marriage with Alessandra Moretti

Maurizio Battista and Alessandra Moretti finally husband and wife

To celebrate their great love, Maurizio Battista and Alessandra Moretti organized a fairytale ceremony. The wedding took place in a beautiful castle, like a prince and a princess, among fresh flowers, candelabras and violinists in sparkling dresses. An elegant and romantic party, with a fairytale atmosphere with the comedian in a dark suit with tie and the bride in a sensual white lace dress that left the back uncovered. Anna, as a bridesmaid with a white dress, was delightful.

Sui social and marriage video

The many VIP guests present at the couple’s wedding were entrusted with the task of publishing videos of the wedding on social media. From the yes of Maurizio Battista and Alessandra Moretti to the cutting of the cake complete with spectacular fireworks, from the wild dancing to the setting up of the reception room, everything was filmed and published on Instagram. The newlywed couple was keen to underline that they had not asked for gifts from the guests at the party, but had invited their guests to make a charitable donation, sharing the initiative on social media.

Maurizio Bastista, first the separation from his partner and then the wedding

Maurizio Battista and Alessandra Moretti have been together for 10 years and it hasn’t always been all roses between them. Their love story had various periods of strong crisis. Already when their daughter was only two and a half years old they announced the breakup, only to then try again. At the end of 2021 a new rift that led to a stormy separation ended up at the center of a social back-and-forth. The comedian who accused his ex-partner of not letting him hang out with his daughter Anna and Alessandra responded in kind. Then, in July this year, he announced the reconciliation: after the sudden and painful breakup, the family was finally reunited. They announced their wedding in August.

Maurizio Battista’s private life: who he is, how old he is, children

Maurizio Battista is a 66-year-old comedian, known for his appearances on television programs such as Zelig and Colorado. He has two children, born from his first marriage with Erminia: Federica and Simone, now adults. He was later married to Giusi, whom he met at the end of a show. After the divorce from his second wife he met Alessandra Moretti, 30 years younger than her, who stole his heart: he had Anna with her 8 years ago and today they are happier than ever.

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