Match winner Van Bergen first King of the 2024 Match

Tuesday January 23, 2024 at 1:28 PM

Thom van Bergen was named King of the Match by the FC supporters after the 1-0 away match against Jong Ajax. The striker scored the only goal of the game after more than fifteen minutes of play and became the match winner. Jorg Schreuders finished second in the election, Joey Pelupessy came third.

The King of the Match is declared every competition match. The player who is at the top after the last regular competition home game of the season or who can no longer be traced by his teammates, will be named Player of the Year. In the event of an equal point total, the number of elections for King of the Competition is decisive. Players who leave during the season will be removed from the overall rankings.

The player declared King of the Match will receive three points for the overall ranking, the number 2 will receive two points and the number 3 will receive one point for the ranking. You can vote via:

At home games, the King of the Match is announced immediately after the final whistle. Supporters can also vote during away matches. If an away match is played on Fridays or at the weekend, the voting period runs until 10 a.m. on Monday. For away games on Monday, this period runs until Tuesday 10:00 am.

Rash Young Ajax away:

  1. Thom van Bergen
  2. Jorg Schreuders
  3. Joey Pelupessy

General classification:

1. Jorg Schreuders 18 points
2. Romano Postema 16 points
3. Thom van Bergen 12 points
4. Wouter Prins 11 points
5. Isak Määttä 10 points
6. Kevin van Veen 9 points
7. Laros Duarte 8 points
8. Marvin Peersman 5 points
9. Turay Law 4 points
10. Hid Jurjus 4 points
11. Noah Emeran 4 points
12. Luciano Valente 3 points
13. Marco Rente 3 points
14. Johan Hove 2 points
15. Liam van Gelderen 2 points
16. Paulos Abraham 2 points
17. Joey Pelupessy 1 punt
18. Thijmen Blokzijl 1 punt
19. Kristian Lien 1 punt

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