Mario Vanacore, the son of the doorman from via Poma: “I saw Simonetta Cesaroni already dead, they’re angry with my family”

“The only time I saw Simonetta Cesaroni was dead“. She says it in an interview with The print Mario Vanacoreindicated as a possible killer of Simonetta Cesaroni in the information that the carabinieri delivered to the magistrates of the Rome prosecutor’s office as part of the new murder investigation. “They are angry with my family – he comments -. Maybe someone we even sued.” Vanacore filed a complaint in the spring, together with his lawyer, for “slander and defamation. I was tired of being labeled as responsible of the crime in via Poma”.

He says he is “disconcerted. Angry, very angry. My position was excluded years ago”. Mario Vanacore remembers everything about that August 7, 1990. The son of the doorman from Via Poma claims to have “arrived in Rome by chance. And I was there when we found the girl.” “When the girl’s body was found we blocked her sister so she wouldn’t see it. Her boyfriend and I entered the room, locked ourselves in and called for help.” A scene that Vanacore does not forget even if “there was a dim light and I didn’t see much blood. Just a halo around the hair. I will remember that smell for my whole life“. Mario Vanacore adds that he did not know “neither Simonetta nor those offices”. According to the accusations, he had gone there to make free long-distance calls: “It’s absurd. How absurd it is that they want to close this story like this” saying “maybe it was Mario Vanacore, but we don’t have proof”.

As for thetime of the murder, explains that “with my dad and my stepmother we had lunch and went to sleep. We got up around 5pm. We went to the pharmacy, to the tobacconist, to other places.” With his father, he adds, “it’s not like we were always together. Then we had dinner and he went to sleep with Mr. Valle, who was elderly.” Afterwards “some people arrived and knocked on the door and asked us if we could go and look for the girl in the office”, and this was followed by the discovery of Simonetta Cesaroni’s body. But she explains, “I had never seen her before.” Vanacore then says that he believes in a possibility involvement of the secret services but without providing supporting elements.

Father Pietro, known as Pietrino, then doorman of the building, was the first suspect: “Our life is marked. We live with this sword of Damocles over our heads. On March 9, 2010 my father committed suicide. My stepmother is alone and she is not well”. Now “we are reliving those moments.” Mario Vanacore never spoke to Simonetta Cesaroni’s family: “I would have liked to do it. But I always had the impression that they were angry with us“. Even now “maybe it’s not the right time. But I would like to express my closeness to them. They don’t have justice either.” As for his telephone diary which would appear among the objects found in that office actually “belonged to my father. She was found, they say, by Simonetta’s father among her daughter’s personal effects and returned to the police station. Strangely – he concludes – there is no trace of that agenda among the finds. Disappearance”.

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