Marina Calabró spoke about her separation from Martín Albrecht: “There was no anger”

Marina Calabro and Martín Albrecht met in 2013
Marina Calabro and Martín Albrecht met in 2013

They met back in 2013 at the American pinwheel, where she worked as a panelist for Infamy and he as commercial manager of the group. He was captivated by her beauty, so he sent for her phone number through a producer. She didn’t hesitate to give it to him. And, after making a first meeting, they both fell in love lost. However, ten years after that crush, Marina Calabro confirmed that he separated from Martin Albrecht.

We were talking a lot because we both felt a certain disconnection and a certain distance.. And this thing began to happen to both of us where we felt that we adored the other, but that there were some things that as a couple were beginning to not be there,” the columnist of Wool without filter (Radio Miter) and host of 8 AM (The Nation +) to Teleshow. And she, despite being very distressed by the breakup, admitted: “It was all very talked about, taking us a lot of time. And it was very harmonious because we adore each other and that doesn’t change. I feel like family and I feel like family. I know that I count on him and he knows that he counts on me. There was no anger”.

In that sense, the journalist remarked: “He is a person who has a balance and an inner peace that I have never seen. So There were no arguments, there were no raised tones.. What there was was a decision made by two adults, after sitting down for a long chat, moving on to another stage of the relationship. And to have each other but from another place. This is the truth. I’m sure that if you asked Martín, he would say the same words. But not because we have agreed, but because it is like that.”

Marina Calabro and Martín Albrecht on one of their last trips
Marina Calabro and Martín Albrecht on one of their last trips

On the other hand, Marina explained that the breakup has been going on for a few months now, but that she had decided to keep the information private until she was in a position to make it known publicly. “By June 5, Martín’s birthday, we were not together. Which was very sad. For that date he traveled alone because we were already like this, separated, and it was bad. And in September he took a few days to go see his eldest son in Barcelona, ​​with whom he went to Sardinia. And I, in those days, went to Paris with Tight”he explained. It should be remembered that Calabró has a 14-year-old daughter from her previous partner with Martin Virasoro and Albrecht is the father of Alan of 29, Frank 24 and Kai of 15.

Finally, the journalist told how she lived these holidays with Mía and how she coped with the pain of the end of her partner. “It was ten days and it was the first time we took a trip alone, as a mother and daughter. And for me it was on the one hand showing me that I could do it and, on the other, it was a nice experience that allowed me to connect with her, who is a great supporter, just like my sister, Iliana. In fact, she recommended a psychiatrist to me and she also helped me a lot to process the whole separation issue.”

In an interview she had given to this medium in the early days of their relationship, Marina had told how her love story with Albrecht had begun. “I ran into him at the turnstile at the entrance and saw him very smiling, so I told him: ‘You’re so smiling!’ It caught my attention, it was something spontaneous. And she told me it was for his birthday, so I greeted him. There we crossed paths for the first time,” she recalled.

And he explained how the romance between the two came to fruition: “A co-worker told me that, through a sales person, Martín had made a reference to him that he had found her nice. And he asked me if he could give him my phone number. I said:I don’t know who he is, because I don’t know him.’ He told me that he was the one who had crossed me on his birthday, and I said: ‘Oh, is that him? So yeah, give him my number!’”

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