Marilyn has black eyes: plot, cast and previews of the film

SI can reflect lightly on important issues such as mental health? The answer is yes, thanks to the film on first TV at 9.30pm on Rai 1 Marilyn has black eyes. Comedy with protagonists Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone and set in a center for people suffering from mental health problems.

Miriam Leone and Stefano Accorsi crazy couple from “Marilyn has black eyes”: «Our fragilities?  Food and social »

Marilyn has black eyesthe plot of the movie

The mythomaniac Clara (Miriam Leone) and the neurotic Diego (Stefano Accorsi) are part of a day rehabilitation center for disturbed people, taken under the guidance of psychiatrist Paris (Thomas Trabacchi). Who repeatedly urges them to bring reality into their world. Because of this, he invites the elderly people of the neighborhood to lunch at the cooking laboratory where Diego prepares them foodbut respecting his philosophy: only one dish is cooked.

Clara, however, due to her disorder, posts false positive reviews of a new restaurant on social mediathe Monroe, and informs Diego who decides to transform the center into a restaurant, also in an attempt to recover his relationship with his daughter who was given exclusive custody to his ex-wife. Clara, initially reluctant, accepts and the other patients of the center are also involved in the project: Sosia, who is convinced that all people are lookalikes, Susanna, who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, and Gina, a girl with relationship disorders.

Miriam Leone in a scene from “Marilyn Has Black Eyes”. (photo by Noemi Ardesi)

Incredibly, the opening of the restaurant is sold out with customers attracted by the false reviews of the place and, at an evening in which Diego’s daughter is also present, Clara kissed him but rejected him. The girl, disappointed, causes panic in the club and their paths seem to separate forever. Will it really be like this?

A comedy to reflect on important themes

Directed by Simone Godano, already author of Wife and husband with Kasia Smutniak and Francesco Favino, Marilyn has black eyes And a light and lively romantic comedy that deals well with the theme of diversity. Also providing moments of pure comedy and without never fall into easy sentimentality. Outlining the two main protagonists very well, the director is inspired by the models of the American rom-com, with the same taste also for the secondary charactersi, without ever slipping into the speck. A commendable writing job that amplifies the quality behind the film.

In fact, the film frames with due seriousness a very thorny problem, that of mental disordersand is convincing in giving back complicated and self-defeating characters. However, they always manage to raise a smile with their exaggerated reactions. Marilyn has black eyes also wants reflect on incommunicability which reigns in our world and, without pietism or rhetoric, invites the viewer to question how labile the concept of normality is.

Back together after the series 1992Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone are the icing on the cake. In fact, their alchemy is perfect and both are very credible in addressing an important topic such as that of mental distress, giving nuances to their characters in which it is possible to see something of ourselves again. Starting with difficulty interacting socially due to prejudices and mental patterns.

Miriam Leone and Stefano Accorsi in a scene from “Marilyn Has Black Eyes”. (Photo by Noemi Ardesi)

A magical 2023 for Miriam Leone

Former Miss Italy in 2008the Sicilian actress, after conquering the beauty queen band, debuts in the world of entertainment as a presenter. The film debut came in 2010 con Parents & Children – Shake well before use by Giovanni Veronesi and for a few years Miriam is divided between the big and small screen.

The turning point was 2015 where she was the female protagonist of the TV series 1992 e The veiled lady. A success with the public and critics that will make it become one of the most courted performers on the Italian scene. With an increasingly consolidated career, for Miriam this year was one to remember for several reasons. In fact, in August the actress surprisingly announced her pregnancyfruit of love with her entrepreneur husband Paolo Carullo married in 2021. And a few days ago, Miriam walked on the red carpet of the Rome Film Festival with her baby bump in plain sight.

On the professional side, things couldn’t be better. It’s been a few days ago available on Disney+ The lions of Sicilya highly anticipated fiction directed by Paolo Veronese and taken from the novel of the same name by Stefania Auci which narrates the events of the Florios. Family of shipowners and entrepreneurs of Calabrian origins in nineteenth-century Sicily. We will see her again at the cinema at the end of November with the last chapter of the saga Diabolik, always directed by the Manetti Bros.


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