Marielle case: family awaits official information, says Anielle

The Minister of Racial Equality, Anielle Franco, used social media this Tuesday (23) to say that her family awaits official announcements and results regarding the investigations into the murder of her sister, Rio de Janeiro councilor Marielle Franco, and the driver Anderson Gomes.

“I received the latest news related to the Marielle and Anderson case and I reaffirm what we have said since they took her from us: we will not rest until there is justice,” he wrote.

The minister refers to press publications this week that state that former military police officer Ronnie Lessa had accepted a plea agreement with the Federal Police and provided information that points to the mastermind of the crime.

The murder of councilor Marielle Franco and driver Anderson Gomes completes six years on March 14, and, with the entry of the Federal Police into the investigations in 2023, there have been some advances, such as the plea bargain of former PM Élcio Queiroz, who drove the car used in the crime. In July last year, PF agents participating in the investigations reported that, in the statement, Queiroz named former military police officer Ronnie Lessa as the author of the murders of Marielle and Anderson.

Now, press reports report that after negotiations since last year, Lessa also agreed to reveal about the crime in a plea bargain to the Federal Police. In reply to Brazil Agencythe PF’s social communications coordination in Rio de Janeiro reported that it could not provide details about the ongoing investigations.

In the publication on her Instagram and X profiles, the Minister of Racial Equality recalled that it has been almost six years of the greatest pain her family has felt.

“The answer to this crime – who ordered the murder of Marielle and Anderson and why – is the duty of the Brazilian State”, he concluded.

Monica Benício

Marielle Franco’s widow, councilor Monica Benício, also spoke out about the information circulating in the press about a possible plea bargain that would lead to the person who ordered the murders. She stated that she sees this possibility with hope, but without “exacerbated optimism”.

“Lessa is a criminal with deep ties to the underworld of crime and misdemeanor. Everything that is said by him, if it is said, will need to be investigated and supported by the institutions responsible for the investigation. This was the procedure adopted in Elcio Queiroz’s accusation , this was the procedure that drove progress in the investigation and highlighted the involvement of other actors in the crime”, says the councilor.

Monica Benício says she felt a renewal of hope following the commitment of the current Federal Government to resolving the case, and with the entry of the Federal Police into the investigations.

“During the year 2023, important steps were taken, such as the denunciation of Elcio Queiroz it’s at arrest of Maxwell Simõesaccused of participating in planning the execution of Marielle and Anderson”, he said. “I trust in the fight for justice for Marielle and Anderson and this victory will come with the support and commitment of all those who are guided by democratic values”.


The widow of the murdered councilor also criticized the actions of some press outlets and journalists, who said they were more concerned with “likes” [curtidas]. “Clickbait articles [caça-cliques] begin to appear irresponsibly, with family members, with the investigations and elucidation of the case and with the democratic role that the press should have”.

Even so, she highlights that the “press has played and will play an extremely important role in the progress of investigations, in elucidating and penalizing those involved, executors and principals.”

The Justice for Marielle and Anderson Committee also issued a note on the case, in which it states that it is concerned about the leakage of information that could compromise the conduct of investigations and adequate procedural rites. The collective is formed by the Marielle Franco Institute, Anderson Gomes’ widow, Ágatha Reis, Amnesty International, Terra de Direito, Justiça Global and councilor Monica Benicio.

“Once again, the families of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes were surprised by news about an alleged plea agreement with Ronnie Lessa, one of those accused of carrying out the crime, who would have indicated one of the masterminds behind the brutal murder of Marielle and Anderson. We await hope that the plea bargain brings progress, but we highlight that so far there have been no official updates, and the validity depends on approval by the Superior Court of Justice. We will continue to seek answers about who ordered Marielle’s death and why, fighting for justice and reparation measures, so that This sad episode should not be repeated.”

The collective also calls for responsibility in disseminating information about the case, “avoiding uses of different types and purposes”. “We will not accept the Marielle and Anderson Case being simplified and interpreted solely as an object of disputes and personal interests or those of political groups.”

*Text updated at 4:34 pm to add information from the Justice Committee by Marielle and Anderson.

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