Margot Robbie completes a list of handsome actors for friends

As an actress, Margot Robbie (33) has been able to work with and kiss many handsome actors, but in real life she has been happily married to Tom Ackerley (33) for years. So for the actress it’s all ‘business as usual’, but for her friends it’s a different story. They would love to be in her shoes. Margot jokes during an interview at the Golden Globes that she is simply completing her friends’ request list.

“Every so often I get asked if I can do a film with such and such a handsome actor and of course I’m happy to do that”

During the Golden Globes, Margot is named by E! News asked about some of her co-stars. In her last film Barbie Margot was of course allowed to kiss Ryan Gosling, an actor who makes many women’s hearts beat faster. And she has little to complain about that either: she has already exchanged saliva with Leonardo Dicaprio The Wolf of Wall Street and starring Brad Pitt Babylon. All those kisses don’t go unnoticed by her group of friends, who are now quite ‘jealous’ of her. Margot jokes that she does everything ‘for her friends.’

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The actress says she regularly receives requests from her friends. “Every so often I get asked if I can do a film with such and such a handsome actor and of course I like to do that. Then I say: ‘I’m working on it, I’ll do my best.'” Margot mentions considers herself a real ‘lucky’ that she has been able to share the silver screen with so many famous actors. She looks back with fond feelings on her collaboration with Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt, who, according to her, have the same ‘spark’ as Ryan Gosling. “Do they all have that Kenergy?”, she jokingly asks herself out loud. “I think so, yes.”

Margot makes no secret of the fact that acting on a film set is not always as romantic as it is thought:

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