“Maneskin? I don’t listen to them but I hear too much about them” This is how Gino Paoli criticizes the Roman band

“Maneskin? I don’t listen to them but I hear too much about them.” So Gino Paoli criticizes the Roman band (On Friday 10 November 2023)
Gino Paoli and Riccardo Muti are only the latest, in order of time, who do not see in the band romana the artistic quidRead in the newspaper

  • Fedez – the “disturbing” look and detail. «I don’t have the same stylist as Maneskin – I care about refinement»

  • Maneskin Not

    Amanda Lear refused a duet with Maneskin in Sanremo: “I didn’t know who they were and I said: how much are you paying me?”

  • Maneskin Not

    Carlo Verdone: «I don’t know how much longer I’ll be making films. The Måneskins? They’re not Led Zeppelin but I’m rooting for them.”

  • Maneskin Not

    Victoria De Angelis from Maneskin to Duran Duran – music is also female (let’s not forget it)

Football, the stars’ passion for shirts and the growth of the Bloke Core phenomenon

Non view this content Sorry! To be able to view this content Twitter,… the bassist of Maneskin Victoria De Angelis, on the other hand, at dinner with the one from Venezia, a club that has …

“Maneskin I don’t listen to them but I hear too much about them”. So Gino… ilGiornale.it

Måneskin between toxic loves, betrayals and finished stories, the heartbreaking Christmas of Damiano & Company The print

Damiano from Maneskin and Dove Cameron are serious: new photos together in Brazil for the (alleged) couple

“The (alleged) new couple left together the Espaco Unimed, theater of the show – reports Vanity Fair – thus fueling the rumors, also supported by a photo published by a fan page on …

Fedez on Damiano from Maneskin: “He goes to everyone except me, when he wants…”

Fedez, host of Muschio Selvaggio talks about Damiano from Maneskin stating that the latter has gone everywhere.

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