Manchester City scores with Doku’s masterful performance

With a crushing ball, Manchester City only found it difficult to break through Bournemouth’s defense until the 3rd minute of the first half. However, at this moment, the first goal came, from Doku. After that, the team achieved an easy 6-1 victory, this Saturday (4/11), at the Ettihad Stadium, in the 11th English round. Still in the first half, Bernardo Silva and Akanji (both on passes from Doku) expanded. In the final stage, Foden increased (new assistance from Doku!). Only then did the visitors cash in, with Sinisterra. In the end, two more goals from the home team: one was from Bernardo Silva with a pass from… Doku, of course! Anyway, Aké completed the beating with the only goal without the presence of the man of the game. In fact, Haaland played and even with City scoring six, the scorer went blank.

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With one goal and four assists, Dutchman Doku confirmed Guardiola’s choice of him instead of Grealish. City reached 27 points, provisionally in the lead. But it could still lose positions to Tottenham and Arsenal. Bournemouth are stuck on six points, in 17th place. In this way, they remain the first team outside the relegation zone.

Doku shoots to score City's first goal over Bournemouth –

Doku shoots to score City’s first goal over Bournemouth –

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Manchester City scores three goals in seven minutes

After putting a lot of pressure on the struggling Bournemouth, without success, Manchester City managed to break through. After a lot of ball exchange and almost scoring with a shot from Bernardo Silva, the home team took the lead thanks to an individual play by Doku, at 30. The attacker passed to Rodri, in the area, received it in front and hit it to make it 1. 0. With that, the gate was opened. At 32, Doku fell to the right and played for Bernardo Silva to extend. At 36, Doku hit from outside the area. The ball hit Akanji’s back and went in. The referee gave the latter a goal. In seven minutes, City killed the game. First half numbers: 74% possession and 15 shots to two.

Doku is the man!

In the final stage, even with City reducing the pressure, the chances accumulated. At 19, Doku found a well-placed Phil Foden and the beast didn’t forgive, extending the score. At 29, Sinisterra pulled one back for Bournemouth with a beautiful goal. But the big play of the stage was the fifth goal. Doku, from midfield, made a throw that found Bernardo Silva. This shot over goalkeeper Radu: 5 to 1. In the end, at 43, Aké closed the score, with a little fish. And no Doku pass this time. In stoppage time, with the game underway, Doku was elected MVP to the applause of the fans. And justifying why Guardiola left the Grealish beast on the bench.

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