Man takes daughter hostage at Hamburg airport, air traffic halted

Armed man takes his four-year-old daughter hostage at Hamburg airport, a conflict over contact arrangements is said to be the basis for the hostage situation

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Hamburg airport has been closed since last night due to a hostage attack. An armed man broke through a locked gate with his car around 8 p.m. and then parked his car on the airport platform where the planes are located.

The man is in the car with a child, according to the police this is his 4-year-old daughter. It concerns a 35-year-old man of Turkish descent who demands a flight to Turkey for him and his daughter. He parked his car next to a Turkish Airlines plane.

According to the police, the reason for the hostage situation was an argument over custody. According to the DPA news agency, the child’s mother had previously informed the police about a possible kidnapping of the child.

There is a large police presence on the airport grounds:

Police and emergency services present en masse at Hamburg airport

According to a police spokesperson, the man threw two burning bottles from the car. “A kind of Molotov cocktail.” No damage was caused and no one was injured. The man also shot twice into the air when he entered the airport.

Turkish interpreter

The police are in contact with him, there is a Turkish interpreter and police psychologists have also been called in. “We trust that a solution will be found,” a police spokesperson told a Hamburg newspaper this morning. “He wants to talk to us and we initially assess that as very positive.” The police further say that the girl’s mother is now at the airport site.

Planes that were about to depart were stopped and all passengers were evacuated. They were taken to a hotel during the evening. A number of them told German media that they were very shocked by the situation, but that there was no panic in the aircraft.

The airport building itself had already been evacuated earlier in the evening. All flights to and from the northern German city’s airport have been canceled until further notice.

There are many emergency services at the airport

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